Exploring the motivations of women in tech at RA Information Systems

Exploring the motivations of women in tech at RA Information Systems

Happy International Women’s Day 2024! In celebration of this special day, we embarked on a journey to uncover the driving forces behind the women at RA Information Systems. Our mission is to explore the everyday motivations driving individuals within our dynamic tech company, uncovering the unique factors that inspire and propel them forward in their roles.

Director Annette Dabbs sets the tone: “I’m motivated by the idea of technology solving complex business problems, opening the doors of opportunity, accessibility, and equality for companies, helping them to expand and thrive in a competitive environment! Our technology has always helped our clients achieve their best within their own work environment, and it is very satisfying to be a part of that through RA Information Systems. Hearing a customer tell me how a product of ours has impacted their business is rewarding. I’m incredibly fortunate to work in the tech industry and make a positive impact on our society.”

Helen Hadfield reflects on her career path within the company, from her beginnings to her current role as Company Strategy Manager: “My motivation springs from a deep commitment to RA and elevating our client base to the highest level of service and support. We are an integral part of a vibrant community, and the more collaborative our efforts are, the stronger we become. I take great pride in forging and growing partnerships with like-minded innovation-focused organisations, which Clarity Core has allowed me to pursue further, and coming from a background in finance, overseeing our Accounts and Admin departments, ensures we as a company also continue to grow, succeed, and most importantly, meet our client’s expectations, all of which is extremely rewarding.”

Rachel Judge shares her perspective: “Being part of the journey to establish Ezytreev as the leading tree management system has been incredibly rewarding. As the Ezytreev product manager, I oversee software design to ensure it aligns with customer expectations and industry trends. I’m motivated by providing the best technology possible to help our users carry out their environmental work and I enjoy working on Ezytreev as it contributes to a greener future.”

Lesley Cassinelli, our helpdesk manager, says “My motivation lies in refining helpdesk processes to deliver top-notch service to our clients. When working with customers and RA team members, my commitment is to ensure the most efficient way of meeting our customer needs. I find fulfillment in working with individuals, helping them progress and achieve, fostering inter and intra-team communication, and analysing available data for service improvements. In my role, I serve as the ‘glue’ between different parties, identifying pressure points and smoothing things out. My motivation is rooted in understanding people and their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to contribute their best to the team. I appreciate that not everyone excels at everything, valuing each individual’s unique contributions.”

Lisa Innes, software support specialist, shares her perspective: “As a member of the Helpdesk team, I find strong fulfillment in contributing to the resolution of client support calls and assisting end users with our CLARITY and Ezytreev software. My role allows me to engage with both 1st and 2nd line support, connecting with clients and third-party IT contacts to ensure efficient call resolution. I am driven by a commitment to deliver the best customer service and continually build strong customer relationships. In the dynamic field of technology, my motivation lies in  providing the effective use of training to our clients for them to make full use of our systems, so they can effectively work in harmony with their processes and our software to achieve the best outcome.”

Zhanna Heenan, marketing executive comments: “As a marketer in the tech space, I find motivation in the dynamic nature of the industry. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities, and staying updated on the latest trends and techniques keeps me engaged. In my role, I enjoy the creative aspects of working on content, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and seeing them come to life. Whether it’s refining product positioning or crafting compelling content, I find satisfaction in simplifying intricate concepts and presenting them in a way that resonates with our customers. In addition to everything else, our company’s encouraging environment, positive culture, and dedicated coworkers create an inspiring backdrop that consistently boosts my motivation.”

Caroline Walton, senior administrator & contracts manager shared her motivation, stating: “I find inspiration in the notion of technology’s ability to create meaningful impact in people’s lives. When I see that our company has made a customer’s life easier or better, I feel a sense of accomplishment – a confirmation that we’re on the right track. I’m driven by the vision of opening doors to opportunity, accessibility, and equality for everyone, with a particular focus on those who are under-resourced.”

Natalie Blake, senior accounts assistant comments: “I find inspiration in the transformative power of technology, witnessing the positive impact our solutions have on customers’ lives and business, knowing that each improvement contributes to making their experiences easier and better.” Moreover, Natalie resonates within her account role, elevating our client base, ensuring they receive the highest level of support and building strong customer relationships.

Reflecting on our inspiring journeys, these shared motivations not only drive individual success but also fortify the very foundation of our company. Together, we navigate a path towards a future where technology consistently crafts a positive and meaningful difference in people’s lives. Happy International Women’s Day!