Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the Ezytreev FAQs hub, your go-to source for quick solutions to commonly asked questions. We understand the value of clarity, which is why we have created this FAQ compilation with your needs in mind.

What is Ezytreev web interface like?

Ezytreev web comes with responsive layouts, where the user interface automatically adjusts itself to the user’s device (workflows are made usable on smaller devices). This makes the application more user-friendly and pleasant, allowing users to have better user experience when using different devices. You can take an instant demo tour here.

What devices can Ezytreev be used on?

Ezytreev is compatible with a wide range of devices for data collection and works recording/monitoring in-the-field including Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Does Ezytreev support dealing with Ash Dieback?

Ezytreev makes it easier to assess and record Ash tree conditions, identify trees that require regular monitoring and manage re-inspection regimes. The system helps determine and manage the risks from the disease and plan the mitigation work based on priority level. It helps establish costs of tree works or replanting and define where extra resources will be needed. You can also highlight contaminated zones, and create maps of infected trees that can help detect a pattern of infection.

How is my data stored?

All Ezytreev data is hosted, stored and backed-up in the UK only. Our platform is based on industry standard solutions from Cisco, Microsoft and Citrix and hosted in a modern data-centre. The Centre provides physical and environmental security and the servers are accessible only by RA Information Systems Staff. All SQL databases are incrementally backed-up each night, and all server data is backed-up via DPM to an off-site ‘warehouse’ independent of the hosted environment supplier. Compatible virus protection ensures security of the system, whilst our support team have full control over the servers 24 hours a day allowing them to address performance issues immediately. 

Does Ezytreev support tree planting?

Ezytreev provides a suite of functionalities designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your tree planting projects, find out more here.

How does it organise, present and export data?

ezytreev data can be organised and presented in a neat and concise manner segregated by sites or by tree attributes. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and Power BI. Extensive data export options inc. Shapefile, TAB, KML.

Can Ezytreev be integrated with FixMyStreet?

Enquiries & Complaints module can be integrated with FixMyStreet.com, allowing the public to submit enquiries through FixMyStreet including the identification of the precise positioning on the map and fault category. Ezytreev automatically updates FixMyStreet with the progress of the enquiry, so the original enquirer can keep track of their complaint.

Does Ezytreev integrate with what3word global location system? 

Ezytreev integrates with what3words and this can be included in your outputs, such as reports or works orders.

Can Ezytreev be integrated with our CRM system?

Ezytreev can be integrated with client’s CRM systems & a range of third-party applications including financial management systems, business intelligence systems (for example; Power BI) and utilises API and WFS connectivity.

Is the system optimised to work with Tree Eco Data?

Ezytreev integrates with a Tree Carbon Sequestration Calculator and provides data on the amount of Carbon stored in each tree, plus the amount and monetary value of CO2 sequestered each year by each tree. We also offer optional integration with the brand new iTree Eco Benefits API.

What mapping can we use with Ezytreev?

Ezytreev works with all major GIS mapping formats including Web and open source mapping. The base mapping (usually client’s corporate Ordnance Survey MasterMap data) may be combined with any mapping layer used in the client’s corporate mapping system. Any informational layer in GIS can also be added, for example; ownership extents, designations etc. GPS is used for navigation around maps and to assist plotting.

Can we identify a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it?

With Ezytreev’s core module, a tree under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) can be easily marked with an associated TPO flag. This information can be displayed in the list, individual tree details, and visually on the map. We also offer a compehensive TPO management system, click here to find out more.

Is there a limit on the types of assets you can have in one system?

Ezyasset offers user definable symbology, allows users to tailor their data format, set-up asset category, types and items with no limits, plus customisable data analysis & reporting. 

What training is offered and in what format?  

Ezytreev offers a Training Credits Scheme which is designed for you to get the most out of the various modules. Training Credits are allocated based on the size of the installation and can be used during installation and on-going training. Additional training credits are issued each year, they can be used for attending training workshops, on-line sessions or on-site visits.

What support is offered?

Ezytreev application and platform support is provided by our own internal team of engineers based in Chesterfield, UK. We have a Support Desk call logging system – you can contact our support desk between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, via e-mail or phone. Users are advised to complete the available module training prior to accessing the Ezytreev customer support in order to achieve an understanding of the system and a better user experience.

If your question is not answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, we are happy to help.

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