Environmental commitment and policy

Environmental commitment and policy

It is crucial to acknowledge the impact that tech sector has on the environment. Sadly, the carbon footprint continues to grow due to the expansion of data centres, cloud computing and the widespread use of electronic devices. To reduce our carbon footprint in tech, here at RA Information Systems we are committed to continuous improvements in our environmental performance and are pursuing a number of initiatives. 

Our environmental priorities:

Environmentally conscious outsourcing to reduce carbon footprint 

Green hosting & data storage

We are proud to collaborate with ASK4 Data Centre powered by 100% renewable energy, sourced from wind, hydro and solar power. This is a  significant benefit to clients who require their partners commitment to sustainability to be evidenced.

Fiber networks by sustainable brand

We partner with Virgin Media O2, which aims to take care of environment and maximise the environmental benefits of its services and is committed to become a zero-waste business by the end of 2025.  

Sustainable business procurement 

Wherever possible to purchase ‘greener’ products, both ancillary products used for cleaning and maintenance and all consumable materials required such as paper products, toner cartridges, packaging etc.

Energy efficiency

Opting for energy-efficient devices

Regular replacement policy for server and PC hardware to ensure most energy efficient equipment deployed.

Use of 3-pipe air conditioning & heating

3-pipe air conditioning/heating system built in our office in Chesterfield, thermostatically controlled heating is in operation.

Turning equipment & devices off

All electrical equipment where non-essential is to be switched off when not in use, lighting to be switched off when not required and at the end of each day. Use of screensavers.

Responsible waste management & recycling

Recycling electronic waste 

We partner with professional IT disposal centres, to ensure that our old monitors, phones, routers, switches, cables, circuit boards, batteries, and more are properly recycled.

Recycling of general waste 

Plastic, glass and paper waste saved separately for recycling and disposed safely.

Re-use of packaging

Re-use of packaging wherever possible, eco-friendly printing practices including double-sided printing.

Hybrid meeting & working

Hybrid working schemes for employees

Giving your staff the opportunity to work from home to improve employee’s work/life balance as well as reducing the carbon footprint.  

Hybrid meetings with customers

Encouraging virtual meetings helps reduce people making unnecessary journeys. Use of technology, sustainable hybrid meeting rooms and facilities.

Use of all-in-one video conferencing solutions

Meetings, events, interviews and training or simply general catch-up sessions arranged between both remote locations and in-person participants.

Document digitalisation & minimised printing

Digital documents

Keeping & sharing documents online in order to cut down on paper waste.

Eco-friendly printing practices

If printing is unavoidable, use of black and white settings, double-sided printing, smaller font sizes.

Backing environmental charities 

We are dedicated to supporting environmental charities that work towards restoring natural ecosystems.

Download our Environmental Policy Statement