Clarity Core module

Workspace and Customer
management system

CORE module

The central module and main component of the system; feature-rich and operational on its own, offers optimisation of numerous workspace and customer management processes. From sales pipeline management to contract generation, business reporting and automated billing. The system’s features cater for running small or large scale events. Plus a range of integrations from lead importing to working with financial accounting systems like Sage, Xero, Agresso or Dimensions.


Full range of features

The system is fully customisable, can be tailored and structured around your unique business needs meeting  a combination of requirements of your work teams and departments. 


Sales pipeline management helps improve efficiency and enables enterprises to on-board new clients, turn leads into sales, track and forecast demand easier. The system maps the sales cycle from initial lead enquiry to successful customer conversion. Starting from capturing of initial enquiries, scheduling and assigning of tasks allows users to move prospective customers through the on-boarding journey, including generating proposals and contracts through to customer account creation. Automation allows for prospect leads to be imported from various sources such as, monitored mailbox enquiries, LeadDadi notifications from brokers, website forms, spreadsheets other 3rd party CRM solutions such as Hubspot. See staff user journey below.


The system stores all current and former customer records, from contact details to entire sales history, interactions and services provided over time. The system assists you with monitoring and predicting customer behaviour by recording enquiries, quotations, phone calls, emails, visits and reported issues all in one place. All documents can be linked to an individual clients record for easy future reference. Using task allocation, notes recording and accounts information, CLARITY CORE centralises all your customer interactions.


Contract Management enables various contract types and lengths to be merged with recorded occupancy details, including prepopulated parameters relating to room size and rates including stepped rates, rent reviews, free meeting hours and discount groups. From proposal generation and association of services and set-up fees to on-going management of existing contracts and renewals. The system can be configured with contract templates allowing licence agreements to be generated straight from Clarity Core, with the ability to include e-signature functionality if a requirement. The contract viewer provides both current and historical overview of all contracts and provides real time view of upcoming contract renewals.


Management of your meeting, conference and event space through our real time availability diary. Creations of room bookings with associated services such as catering, business equipment and other available resources. Bookings may be configured with hourly, daily and attendee rates and include agreed discounts that will be automatically applied. Meeting rooms can be associated with other services such as catering and equipment, with all charges being logged to the booking and customers account for billing. See staff user journey below.
Find out more about event support.


Rooms can be associated with services such as security, telephone line rental, broadband access, car parking, utilities, furniture and specialist business support with all the details on recurring charges, Ad Hoc usage services and  discounts linked to the accounting system.  


Task Management allows to plan, manage and track your team’s tasks, assign and record tasks to individuals or user groups and provide workflow scheduling through a task’s life cycle. Complete with a full historical audit trail, task management can help your team to share knowledge, keep on track, and achieve goals. See staff user journey below.


Automated invoice generation covers all periodic invoicing needs for rental and service invoicing and includes the ability to import charging files from 3rd party systems for services such as Call Charges, Photocopying and other Point of Sale systems. Meter readings can be recorded, and costs generated for billing inclusion. The system produces accurate invoice details and automatically calculates invoice amounts from the stored contracts and logged services. This includes a wide variety of itemisation and calculations, including Landlord quarter days, annual daily rates and composite line configurations. Quick and easily issue deposit invoices and credit notes where required. CLARITY CORE integrates to financial accounting systems such as Agresso, Sage, Xero or Dimensions through period end routines, producing transactional exports for import into accounting systems. See staff user journey below.


Clarity Core offers full sales financial management and provides detailed itemisation of all sales, payments, adjustments and allocations processed through the systems Sales Ledger, including standard debt management functionality such as debtor reports. A direct debit module can be configured as an optional system add-on (find out more). Clarity Core integrates with 3rd party accounting packages such as Agresso, Dimensions, Great Plains, Oracle, as well as commercial accounting software such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks.


Detailed business reporting and analysis is available throughout the whole CLARITY CORE system. Below are some examples of the extensive range of reports available:
– Office and meeting room occupancy inc. Vacant office report, Tenancy Schedule & Occupancy forecasts;
– Full Prospect Analysis, enquiries by date range, Enquiry source analysis, Conversion rate analysis;
– Rental Income by office & meeting room hire;
– Invoices/Credits raised, Billed & unbilled services, Recurring services, Income and revenue analysis, Sales transactions;
Bespoke reports can also be configured upon request. All reports can be exported to Microsoft packages as well as file formats such as PDF etc.


The system users can configure their licence agreements to include e-signature fields for specified client/partner signatories. All contract types can now be emailed from the system straight to the clients’/partner’s inbox. Once fully signed, each party will receive an email confirmation with the completed document attached in PDF format. Compliant with UK & EU law including eIDAS regulations.


Once fixed rates and service meter readings have been recorded in the system, Clarity Core will automatically calculate all relevant charges for your clients and include them within their monthly invoices. This can help you provide accurate billing for customers and reduce staff involvement in low-value manual tasks.


CLARITY CORE has enhanced its email design, allowing users to compose system emails using the same ‘rich’ features such as font styles, sizes, images, colour and signatures that are familiar with other popular email platforms.

Add an extra option and make it easy for anyone to search, book and pay for your space online!

External bookings & payment portal


Extend your system further by including our specialised add-on modules. 


Staff User Journey

Customer enquiry > contract management

• Record enquiry details of prospects, contact/address details and full requirements in our simple customer form.
• Log actions taken, track progress and assign follow-up tasks whilst moving prospects through the onboarding stages.
• Prepare proposals based on your prospect’s requirements, using their recorded details, and merging to a proposal template.
• Convert proposals to contracts on agreement, converting prospects to customers as part of the process.
• Proposals, Contracts and Renewals can all be managed from one simple screen in our Contract Viewer, enabling the user to quickly oversee and amend a contracts status, this includes our quick simple renewal wizard to quickly generate new agreements.
• Amend and update any contract changes as they happen.

Task management

• Clarity Core allows for task creation and management throughout the whole of the core system.
• Generate bespoke task types for different areas of the business such as prospect email follow ups, optimising customer communications, catering/event setup requirements and general customer account management.
• Set up task groups and priority levels, assign and receive tasks between fellow users.
• Record detailed notepad style entries and link documents to tasks.
• Manage deadlines, set up reminders and notifications and track the progress and status of current tasks.
• Task scheduler provides complete overview of all tasks created within the system.

Meeting room booking

• Bookings taken can be inserted directly into the Clarity Core meetings diary/calendar, complete with meeting title and the name of the person/company that booked.
• Using our simple booking form, insert all relevant details linked to the booking such as duration, attendee numbers, rates if chargeable and ad-hoc services required, for example catering and equipment.
• Produce a booking confirmation and email directly to your customer using stored email contact addresses. (Optional E-signature confirmations also available).
• Bookings are stored against a customer account for period end billing, if applicable.
• If using digital signage, the booking would display the required information on the screen outside the meeting room and reception overview screen.
• Bookings can also be created by customers if using the self-service Clarity customer portal. This can include authorisation stages to allow front of house staff to manage booking requests.
• Event management is included allowing bookings to be linked into a single event that can be confirmed and invoiced in one.


• Billing information is collated each month from the rental contracts, recurring services and ad hoc services logged.
• Log ad hoc services as taken to a customer’s account ready for extraction at period end. Eg. Printing services.
• Produce a full month service log for analysis and checking prior to invoicing.
• Import charging files from 3rd party systems for services such as Call Charges, Photocopying or other Point of Sale systems to include on monthly billing.
• Produce instant invoices for one-off requirements such as conference room bookings or meeting rooms.
• Perform period end billing routines using our invoicing wizards, automatically extracting the stored information for invoice generation of Rental Invoices and Service Invoices.
• Generate invoices in batch and automatically email to customers using stored email contact addresses.
• Produce transactional export for your financial accounting system import.
• Invoices raised are stored against the customer’s account for debt management.

Customisation & branding

Tailor your system to align with your unique business needs:

• Option to add your data fields, drop-down list items and tick-boxes.

• Workflow automation: Streamline repetitive tasks and processes by tailoring approval processes, setting-up push alerts and live updates saving time and resources.

• User permissions and access: Grant control over who can access what information and perform which actions within the software, based on individual roles and responsibilities, enhancing security and compliance.

Brand consistency across communications: Speed up document creation by seamlessly integrating templates. Generate proposals, licenses, and letters swiftly, and incorporate e-signatures as needed. Add Word templates with predefined layouts, styles, and formatting options, including headers, footers, margins, font styles, and sizes. Ensure uniformity by crafting email templates, using your preferred fonts, colours and images for a consistent style across documents.

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