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Welcome to the world of Ezytreev, where managing trees becomes a breeze! 
As a tree specialist, you understand the complexities of managing large numbers of trees and that maintaining a detailed inventory efficiently can be challenging.

Take a few minutes, get an instant demo tour and see how by using Ezytreev you can take full control of your data, automate routine tasks and optimise use of resources.  

1. Personalised Dashboard

Welcome to your personalised dashboard. Here, you’ll gain an overview of your tree inventory, your recent activity, upcoming inspections and work deadlines, with each tile configurable to your requirements. The dashboard’s appearance and content can be effortlessly tailored to fit the requirements of each individual user.


2. Tree Data inventory

Ezytreev provides you with a comprehensive tree inventory, allowing you to catalogue every tree, all inspections and works performed. Easily navigate through your locations, access information and plan maintenance tasks with ease.

3. Harnessing the power of your data 

Ezytreev doesn’t just store your data, it offers an array of robust tools right at your fingertips, empowerimg you to seamlessly filter, analyse, and present your data. Elevating your experience, it provides the ability to craft highly customisable reports, enriched with diverse data outputs. The platform effortlessly generates maps and photos, lending visual depth to your reports. These insightful reports find versatility through export options, including Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and Power BI.

Contact us to book a demo and see yourself how our system can cater to your requirements!

If you’re interested by the potential of Ezytreev to improve your efficiency and would like to delve deeper into its capabilities, we invite you to book a personalised demo with our team. We’ll guide you through the comprehensive range of features and functionalities answering any questions you may have.

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