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Tree and Asset management system

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Contractor Plus Interface

An end to end paperless solution to tree work and asset maintenance 

This module allows contractors to receive their work orders electronically via a dedicated portal or directly on their tablets/phones as soon as ordered. Each contractor can view trees/assets and the work required (including on mapping), print or export work, generate and complete risk assessments electronically, and also monitor, update progress and sign off jobs on site.

The module also includes features to assist the contractor in issuing and supervising crew workload. The Contract Manager can allocate and issue work to individual crews electronically.

Each crew instantly receives only their own workload on a tablet or phone. The crews each view their own live list of outstanding work, along with the relevant tree or asset details and photos, all on interactive mapping. They update and close off jobs as soon as completed and the Contract Manager then reviews and simply signs off completed work before the client is notified. 

SmartSync allows progress to be monitored back at the office immediately. The device will show only open jobs and with the list updating as work is marked complete, maintaining a live list of outstanding work at all times. 

Within the Contractor Plus Interface, there is the ability for the Contractor to query any works or details about a tree/asset. The client is able to raise default notices if the works has not been completed as requested or on time etc. Contractors wait for the work to be approved by the client, before requesting payment. 

Contractor Plus Interface enables better record keeping, closer monitoring of work, plus more accurate and timely invoicing.

The module operates as additional.

Module Features

A live list of outstanding work orders at all times

With our solution contractors have access to all the critical information they need (including interactive mapping) right at their fingertips as soon as ordered. A live list of outstanding work at all times allows everyone to see what is happening and when. 

Allocation of work to individual crews,  down to individual jobs

The Contract manager allocates and issues work to individual crews electronically, signs off orders marked complete before the client is notified. No information is lost or forgotten.

On-site work updates

Work orders are accessed and updated directly on a crew member’s tablet or phone and pushed back to the office through the interface eliminating time spent waiting for paperwork. Easily accessible from anywhere and simple to operate for individual crews.

Work approval requests

Once work orders are submitted as complete, contractors wait for the work to be approved by the client, before requesting payment.

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