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Asset Management for Open Spaces

Asset Management is a user definable asset management system linked to mapping. This module provides a comprehensive set of features for managing public space assets including street furniture, lighting, signage, grass, benches, dog bins, shrub beds, barriers, bollards, fountains, bike racks, playground and other equipment.
This module allows recording, inspecting, work scheduling, generation of job tickets and reports with associated maps. All history of inspections is stored including works and inspections carried out. Users can set-up their own Asset Category, Asset Types and Asset Items. Re-inspection periods can be allocated to a particular ‘Asset Category’, ‘Asset Type’ or even an individual ‘Asset Item’.

Multiple photos and other documents can be automatically attached to an asset and photos of a defect can be recorded against an inspection/defect and used when generating a report (including displaying defects on the map). 
An extensive search and select facility allows user to search on any attribute including user definable features, as well as location, site type, owner, inspection due date etc. Search for inspections due  between a particular date range to plan and schedule rescources to carry out the up and coming inspections.
This module can be used as a stand-alone module (in combination with ezyMap) or linked with other ezytreev modules such as Works Ordering and Budgeting (ezyWOB) and Enquiries & Complaints (ezyE&C) with optional links to a corporate CRM system.

Module Features

Asset dashboard by associated location/site

The system displays asset inventory highlighting all the sites with overdue or imminent inspections, outstanding works and associated maps.

Capturing assets

Assets can be captured as either point, polygon or linear features. Automatic measurement of polygon or linear features captured. 

Design customisation

Users are able to set up asset categories/types & items with customisable symbols, as well as user definable lists of recomendations, defects and other customisable fields for each asset type. 

Extensive search and select facility

Searching is simple and possible on any attribute including user definable as well as site name, address, inspection due date, given priority etc.

User definable reporting & data export

Setup customisable data fields and generate reports (summary, full details or cross- tab format) with inclusion of the maps & photos. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML.

Inspection scheduling and on-site recording

All assets/plots can be inspected on the data-collection devices. Option for inspecting individual assets or for a whole site inspection. GPS is used for navigation around the maps.

Photo capturing & storing

Photos including multiple images of defects can be  captured by default at a standard resolution, with a user option to specify high quality for any given photo. 

Generation of maintenance regimes

The regime can be set in either years or months/weeks or days, multiple regimes can be added to each asset.

Colour coding of assets with recommendations

The system highlights any assets with an outstanding defect or recommendation.

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