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Asset Management for Open Spaces

Asset Management for Open Spaces provides a comprehensive set of features for managing public space assets including street furniture, lighting, signage, grass, benches, dog bins, shrub beds, barriers, bollards, fountains, bike racks, playground and other equipment. This module allows recording, inspecting, work scheduling, generation of job tickets and reports with associated maps. ezytreev has an extensive search and select facility, allowing the user to search on any attribute including user definable attributes, which have been assigned to the asset, as well as location, site type, owner, inspection due date etc.
This module can be used as a stand-alone module (in combination with ezyMap) or linked with other ezytreev modules such as Works Ordering and Budgeting (ezyWOB) and Enquiries & Complaints (ezyE&C) with optional links to a corporate CRM system.