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From Teams collaboration to integrated telephony:

• Microsoft Teams installation and configuration

• Microsoft Teams Direct Routing deployment, configuration, training and support service (replacement of existing telephone system and full assistance with keeping / porting current numbers)

• Video conferencing hardware supply and configuration

• General Microsoft Office 365 adoption and technical support across the platform


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Unified communications and collaboration

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a hub of teamworking in Microsoft 365, leading unified communications and collaboration solution which supports team interactions. Microsoft Teams has been designed to host virtual conversations: formal and informal company-wide audio, video and web conferences or large-scale live events such as webinars, training sessions or presentations. It is a simple and secure way to collaborate, coordinate, organise and prioritise.

Microsoft Teams is available for desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), web, and mobile (Android and iOS). Microsoft Teams is included in all Office 365 Enterprise plans, so any Office user can enjoy this collaboration solution. There is a free version of Microsoft Teams which could be useful for organisations wishing to experiment and compare against other offerings.

Why should your business use Microsoft Teams?


Provide your organisation a digital platform for multi-user real-time collaboration and enable your employees to stay connected.  


Universal access to data, shared documents, email, calendars, contacts, and the same apps with Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.), everything is in one place.


Enable flexible remote and mobile team working, training and events. Enhance mobility across locations and devices from desktops, laptops to smartphones, tablets and so on. 


Integrated enterprise-grade security and privacy built on the compliant Microsoft 365 cloud, identity and access management, encrypted data transfer, password-protected meetings and host controls.


Several advanced features, integration with third-party apps and further improvement every day.


Microsoft 365 integrated telephony, plus cost savings on calls and minimised business travel (with Teams Direct Routing service).

Your fully-qualified business phone system

Teams Direct Routing

Any company using Teams for internal communications can implement Direct Routing and make and receive external calls (outside of their Teams network) on any device. Direct Routing expands the Teams capabilities enabling the platform to be used as a voice enabled cloud-based VoIP phone system. 

For Office 365 users, Teams Direct Routing consolidates benefits common for hosted VoIP systems and tightly integrates them with Microsoft 365. Direct Routing stands out as the ideal option for enterprises that want to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Teams, choose their own phone service provider and benefit from significant cost savings compared to Microsoft Calling Plans.

Microsoft Teams Features

Compare standard features and additional offered by Direct Routing.

Standard features in Microsoft Teams

Voice and video conferencing, presentation and screen sharing with employees/ clients within and outside the organisation, note-taking, file uploading, and in-meeting chat messaging.

Whiteboard within a meeting with your team.

Meeting note taking while on a Team meeting, which are accessible after the meeting for all participants with your organisation.

Work collaboratively on documents and files whilst in a video conference, these are also available to work on after the video conference is over and update for everyone viewing the document.

Instant messaging within the organisation, team members can exchange real-time textual messages with other participants (group and one-to-one).

Project management and collaboration, file sharing and document storage with all files shared across all conversations saved automatically.

Teams alerts and notifications across the organization, including any messages/missed calls, and shared announcements etc.

Security and privacy features including multi-factor authentication, conditional access, recording request/consent, channel moderation and control, data loss prevention.

Integration with a number of 3rd party apps.

Calendar scheduling.


Additional features offered by DIRECT ROUTING

Inbound & Outbound calls to/from internal and external numbers to landlines and mobile phones directly from Teams desktop and the mobile app.

A mobile app allows you to connect to teams over WIFI or 4G to make calls, send instant messages, share files and video call, just like on the desktop version while on the move.

Use your personal mobile without having to reveal the number, Teams mobile app allows you to make external calls whilst showing the office number.

Teams allows multiple logins with signalling the arrival of an inbound call on multiple devices.

Carry your extension with you.

Integration with Meeting Rooms via Teams Rooms.

Voicemail transcription enabling you to read voicemails as text. Teams automatically transcribes the audio to text which saves time listening to voicemails while on the move.

Automatic employee’s presence status changes. Teams updates your presence live, if you take a phone call your presence will update to say so. Colleagues won’t then waste time trying to call you if they can see you are unavailable.

Flexibility of adding/removing new starters/leavers.

Dial out to external meetings directly via Teams. If you get a meeting invite from an external user to dial into a conference call, you can dial straight from the calendar. With audio conferencing, anyone can join an online meeting via phone.

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