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Enquiries & Complaints

ezyE&C module provides the user with powerful tools for dealing with incoming enquiries including recording & progressing from initial receipt through to resolution. Tree, TPO & Asset data including maps can be associated with enquiries. Appropriate maps & tree/asset data can be associated with individual enquiries. ezytreev can colour code, filter & search enquiries, create performance & status reports, store incoming correspondence & generate customisable standard letters and emails. For most Council owned tree system users, the default set-up is sufficient for most needs. However, protected tree system users tend to have a more diverse range of enquiries to deal with, and need to have a greater degree of control over enquiry status codes, types and the resulting enquiry priorities. This module enables users to define the parameters.

Direct integration with the works ordering module enables users to automatically produce orders for any recommended works. The module also integrates with tree inventory, data collection & TPO modules. Enquiries automatically entered via a CRM system or public portal will be sent to the allocated officers device in real time.
The enquiries module can be configured to handle and progress different types of enquiries, providing a defined list of statuses relevant to the specific module.
The ezyE&C module can be integrated with FixMyStreet.com – an independent platform for street fault reporting. The integration of two technical solutions allows the public to submit enquiries through FixMyStreet.com including the identification of the precise positioning on the map and fault category. Thanks to this, reports made on FixMyStreet can be raised as enquiries directly in ezytreev and using the SmartSync technology enquiries are automatically sent to the allocated tree surveyor in the field in real time. ezytreev automatically updates FixMyStreet with the progress of the enquiry, so the original enquirer can keep track of their complaint. The benefits of the integrated solution are significant: It makes it easier for residents to report problems within a particular council/location and for the council to better coordinate and prioritise its tree management services, improve record keeping and monitoring of work and also to provide a streamlined, consistent response to enquiries.

The module operates as additional to Tree, TPO & Asset modules.

Module Features

Comprehensive complaint progressing 

Dealing with incoming enquiries & complaints from initial receipt through to resolution. Appropriate maps & tree/asset data can be associated with individual enquiries.

Two way link with CRM systems

Enquiries will be generated automatically in ezytreev from the CRM system allowing the tree officers to review & inspect. Enquiry status automatically updates CRM system. 

Link with work ordering module 

If work is required the system is able to automatically produce and send orders to the contractor interface in real time. 

Performance & analysis reports

Generation of two types of standard reports: Analysis and Performance reports with inclusion of the maps. Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML.

Generation of standard letters and emails

The system can store incoming correspondence & generate standard as well as customisable letters and emails.

Extensive search and select facility 

Searching is a simple and straightforward process with  functionality to search and filter for enquiries of a particular criteria (category, enquiry type, originator, enquiry status). 

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