Cloud hosted platform

Have you considered moving your system to our cloud hosted platform?

With migration and set-up normally completed within just one day and minimum-term ‘test bed’ periods of three months currently being offered, migration to hosted could not be easier.

Reasons to consider moving to our hosted platform:

Create a flexible working environment

Provide 24/7 access to your system by moving to our hosted platform. The cloud will allow your employees to access your system securely and safely, from any internet enabled work place at any time, ensuring a completely flexible working solution to suit your current needs.

Improve team performance, collaboration and efficiency

Enable better collaboration and performance with the ability to make real time updates to your system and keep shared information up to date and relevant for all users whether they be at the office or flexibly working. Improve efficiency and time management by completing tasks and projects more effectively.

Subscription-based payment terms

With annual renewable contracts, tailored fully to your requirements, structure your payments to meet your budget and cash flow with our monthly per user subscriptions. Couple this with our minimum three months ‘test bed’ period to help you confirm that our hosted platform is the best solution for you.

Added scalability and growth possibilities at affordable costs

Moving your system to our hosted platform brings additional scalability benefits for future growth potential. Should you need to increase resources to meet new growth requirements or scale back should your circumstances change, horizontal and vertical scaling is both simple and seamless for you and your users with our hosted platform solution.

Reduce the overall total cost of ownership (TCO)

Moving to the cloud will allow your business to dramatically reduce its capital expenditure on maintaining an on-premise infrastructure. Reduce your energy consumption and lower air conditioning requirements, cut hardware procurement and operating system costs as well as much more. Providing the IT resources to ensure your system remains functional is no longer your responsibility but is included within your hosted platform services.

Improve data security, backup resilience and maintenance

Storing your data on the cloud can be safer than on-premise servers, with added data security and protection against the loss of data. Resilience, maintenance and disaster recovery plans are included within the hosted platform setup, reducing your risk and providing you with business continuity by ensuring your system remains on line and available at all times.

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As businesses within the workspace industry are now facing the challenge of working from home, our hosted platform could be fundamental in providing your employees with access to your systems and help towards keeping your business moving.

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