Data Privacy


Data privacy

As a B2B software provider, we are committed to helping our customers comply with data protection and privacy regulations, keeping individuals’ personal data secure and private. Working to ISO 27001 principles we apply best practice in everything we do, from policy development through to secure application hosting to ensure that the sensitive data is kept secure. 
CLARITY CORE software is compliant with the GDPR regulations, in relation to the Hosted service offered by RA Information Systems including the current software capabilities of the product.


CLARITY CORE Data Privacy Capabilities

Our company has implemented security procedures appropriate to the sensitivity of the data stored. Personal data will be processed and stored in the UK only and will never be passed to a 3rd party except at the request of, or with the permission of our Data Controllers. Support desk systems are in place to handle Subject Access Requests and to rectify, delete, or anonymise data at the request of the Data Subject. In the unlikely event that a Subject Access Request is received directly, it will be referred to the relevant Controller before responding. No automated decisions could be made using any personal data held in CLARITY CORE. Data Controllers and the ICO will be informed as necessary in the event of a GDPR breach. On termination of contract, any CLARITY CORE personal data held on RA estate servers will be deleted. Personal data about our customers will only be retained for as long as necessary to conduct our business or for legal purposes.


Personal data can be extracted in order to respond to Subject Access Requests, in a number of formats including to Excel & .csv files.


Users can set a period after which personal data will be automatically archived from CLARITY CORE.


When information is no longer needed or relevant, data destruction erases information and makes it completely unrecoverable.


Data authorisation uses tools such as firewalls to monitor and filter the traffic on server to ensure that only personnel with permission use/view/edit a resource. Our support staff process personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations, and for legitimate purposes as defined by our Data Controllers. Only those employees whose role is to directly support the customer organisation will have access to the personal data.


Personal data contained in records can be anonymised or amended by the operator as required in response to requests from Data Subjects. An “anonymise” facility to clear all personally identifiable information for selected contacts that will anonymise the data sets and deactivate any reference to the Data Subject, whilst retaining the CLARITY CORE records anonymously for future use.

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