Asset Management

Our Asset Management module is designed to assist CLARITY CORE users with asset recording and monitoring across clients and locations. Covering a range of assets from specialised equipment, signage, furniture, key fobs, AV tech to any equipment hired for meetings in conference rooms.

The Asset Management Module is available as a CLARITY CORE add-on module.

Asset Inventory

Each asset can be recorded on the system with its related information including make, model, serial number, description and exact location.
All customisable to your requirements.

Asset Check-in and Check-out

Assets can be allocated to clients, occupancy records or events.  Indicating whether an asset is available for use, who is using it or who used it last. 

Include Asset Management in your package
and enjoy thbenefits


A clearer view of your assets from the time they are issued until they are returned. Any user in your organisation can track equipment to know where an asset is located, if it is being repaired or who last checked the asset out. 


The Asset Management module increases accuracy and accountability, ensuring all details are in one place and assets can be allocated to clients. Once recorded as returned or the corresponding meeting has finished, assets become available for allocation again.

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