IT Solutions for real estate developers and managers

Integrating technology and security into your every day operations and communications

IT Solutions for real estate developers and managers

Bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of property developers, real estate consultants, management teams and facilities maintenance companies. Suitable for every kind of development project.

Fully managed IT services and on-going support
• Connectivity Solutions: Shared Internet, wireless connectivity, high-capacity, fast and secure connections between sites
 Hosted and on-premises VoIP telephony
 Software: Co-working Space Booking and Visitor Management
 Consultation, design and implementation for all project stages

Let us support your infrastructure, improve cybersecurity and keep you reachable at any time!

Fully managed IT services and on-going support

Encompassing everything from full or partially outsourced IT support packages, cloud computing to compliance and risk management services.

Design and implementation of all the IT infrastructure including  server maintenance, application support, device monitoring and data backup services;
• Transition from on premise legacy server infrastructure to cloud-based e-mail, document storage and identity management:

Data security, incident management, business continuity & disaster recovery.


Connectivity solutions

Reliable high-speed connectivity solutions including leased lines with the speed up to 10Gbps. From individual sites, up to multi-site institutions requiring private site-to-site or direct connections into cloud service providers’ networks. Delivery of Shared Internet including Wi-Fi distribution throughout the premises in the most reliable and cost-effective way, secure data access for both your staff and clients. 


Hosted and on-premises VoIP telephony

Flexible, practical and secure Voice over IP is the ideal solution for your sector operators. Simplifying all the communication processes, it allows you to be reachable at any time, plus higher control over service and reduced infrastructure costs.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing deployment, configuration, training and support service (replacement of existing telephone system and full assistance with keeping / porting current numbers).


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Software: Co-working space booking, Visitor and Parcel management

Co-working space booking and signage

Initially designed for shared office space premises, CLARITY SIGNS is rapidly expanding into other sectors allowing immediate booking of both large and small spaces including meeting rooms, lounges, conversation pods or individual work stations.

work space digital booking and signage

Visitor management and touchless access control

CLARITY VISITOR, designed to simplify visitor management and provides a touch-free access solution, with recording, greeting and tracking of visitors, staff and contractors. Users can run their appointment schedules, send notifications, reminders and generate reports with detailed breakdown of what is coming in each day. The new fearures include visit pre-registration, authorisation and QR code generation.


Parcel management

CLARITY PARCELS, designed to simplify management of incoming parcels and letters, from receipt through to collection. Using the latest OCR technology and name matching algorithm our App allows parcels to be scanned and allocated to a addressee in seconds, enabling your staff to work with ease and confidence.


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