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You have probably considered how the cloud can fit into your business IT strategy but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Whatever your primary goals are we can design, build a solution optimised to your specific requirements and existing IT infrastructure, data and storage requirements, applications and systems you use and processes you need to perform.
We work with all sizes of organisations, from start-ups to large enterprises and government agencies. Our aim is to deploy cloud services as smoothly as possible, ensuring in-depth planning, procurement and migration of cloud solutions whether it’s a public, private or hybrid model. 


Types of services we help our clients to deploy and manage: 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS cloud service includes a range of applications, such as web-based email and project management tools, file storage and backup service; in each of these users can access, share, store information in the cloud. Our SaaS offer includes Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint services, web-based e-mail, VoIP and other services & support. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS refers to the supply of on-demand tools for developing and managing cloud-based software, web or mobile apps without  installations of the underlying infrastructure needed for development including servers, network and databases.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS cloud service provides equipment to support operations, including hardware, servers, storage and networking components  accessible over a network, eliminating the need for resource-intensive, on-site installations. Providers of IaaS cloud service we run our applications on include Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.


Key reasons businesses are using cloud services

Greater degree of flexibility & scalability

On a subscription and pay-per-use basis  organisations can scale up as computing needs increase and scale down again as your needs change, when there’s no longer a need for a particular application. 

Greater sucurity 

Cloud service providers meet the highest security standards and offer a broad set of technologies to protect your data, apps and infrastructure with security measures like network, application firewalls, identity management etc. 

Cost efficiency

Using cloud will allow your business to reduce capital expenditure on maintaining on-premise infrastructure, energy consumption,  hardware procurement, operating systems, servers and data storage.

Remote access to data 

With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in business environment access to your data is easier no matter where it’s stored. Everything from shared files, email, contacts, calendar and project across different locations within your organization and third parties.

Increased resilience and business continuity

Enhanced business continuity & disaster recovery capabilities with your data stored in the cloud ensures it is backed up and protected with remote access to apps and desktops for your workforce. 

Access to automatic updates

Access to automatic updates your system regularly with the latest technology, this could include up-to-date versions of software, as well as upgrades to servers and computer processing power.

Enabled monitoring & business analytics

It’s easy to access, monitor and analyse data for the purposes of analytics as well as for business intelligence purposes, making predictions and forecasting potential problems or to uncover insights for more informed decisions.

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