Wireless solutions

Ensuring user security and consistent experience

Wireless solutions

Wi-Fi connectivity is essential in any working environment to allow  easy and secure data access for your employees and clients and to seamlessly run a range of business applications including voice communications and more.

Using the best hardware and technology we achieve the maximum coverage, performance and security as well as future-proofing your network for years to come.

Almost every sector/industry and all types of companies can benefit from a business-grade Wi-Fi solution, from small and medium businesses through to enterprise level.


End-to-end approach to your solution

We offer a full end-to-end approach to your wireless solution, our services include:


Assessing your Wi-Fi requirement, building structure, employee and guest usage and potential issues, analysis and recomendations


Wi-Fi site planning and network design with the best solution to your business objectives


Network installation, configuration and ensuring everything is running according to expectations


Changes and updates to your network 


Access Control for both private and public networks, via a code or via checking in on Facebook


Testing and fault identification


Wi-Fi access via checking in on Facebook

If you have a business page on Facebook linked to a physical location, you might be interested in setting up your business’ guest Wi-Fi connection via checking in on Facebook. This provides a straight-forward path for customers to get on the Wi-Fi and it is also a way to market the business via social media. The check-in shows up on the guests’ News Feed making your business visible to their friends. Business owners can better understand the demographics of customers and share promotional messages with users who have checked in.


Our wireless solutions cover a range of working environments including:

Corporate and industrial estates
Multi-tenanted office providers
Science and innovation-led enterprises
Hospitality /Leisure sector including hotels and holiday parks
Educational sector, student residences
Warehouses and retail premises


How Wi-Fi works

Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies to send signals between wireless enabled devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Communication across a wireless network is like a two-way radio communication. A device’s wireless adapter translates data into radio waves and transmits it using an antenna. A wireless router connected to the Internet receives the signal, decodes it and sends it out via the Internet. The process also works in reverse, with the router receiving information from the Internet, decoding it into a radio signals which are then picked up by a device. This connection is virtually invisible and fairly secure.

Why should your business use Wi-Fi connectivity?
• Easy and secure data access for both your business and clients
• Simplicity in adding extra devices
• Seamless running of the business applications
• Full control and management of the entire network

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