Onsite data collection

Onsite App: a practical solution for a full day of the field work

Onsite App

Onsite App allows users to perform in-the-field data collection for surveys, inspections, enquiries, works sign-off and monitoring for trees, outdoor assets and landscaping features on your tablet or phone. Ezytreev is also the only system that supports comprehensive TPO management functions on-site, with functionality for TPO surveying, TPO reviews, amenity assessment, applications and enquiry processing.

Full on and off line data access and capture

On-the-go data capture for anyone working in the field, full access to all tree, TPO, asset data & mapping at all times.

Precise geopositioning in real time

GIS based mapping with latitude/longitude coordinates, with high accuracy in real time using device GPS.

Push alerts and updates

Makes it easy to meet dynamic working needs & deal with  problems in real-time, including new enquiries and works orders.  

Future-proofed technology

Built using cross-platform technology, giving a seamless user experience on Android, iOS and Windows devices and allowing responsive ongoing development across all platforms.

Ezytreev Onsite Features

Ezytreev Onsite seamlessly integrates into your workflow, facilitating data collection and updating in the field. Each device is set up for a particular user profile and tailored to include data sets specific to the end user/s. The same data collection licence can be used for all installed modules. This could be for Inspections, Enquiries, TPO surveys, TPO applications, Works orders and checking work quality.

Inspecting/Surveying with Onsite App

While you collect your data, carry out planned or ad-hoc (reactive) inspections, all information is automatically summarised in an intuitive dashboard for at-a-glance real-time views. The date, time and inspector name are automatically updated against each visit, with the existing/previously recorded visit data automatically moved into history where it is stored for future reference.

Precise location & easy transiting between sites

Ezytreev will automatically display a map based on your location with high accuracy in real time. When transiting between sites, the mapping will automatically follow you, similar to a sat-nav, and pick your current site for you.

Accurate plotting

In-built GPS is used to accurately plot and/or re-allocate the position of individual trees, groups of trees or assets. Ordnance Survey reference is automatically captured when plotting.

Minimal typing data capture

The interface is optimised for fast and efficient data collection, with minimal typing and the ability to copy and add/insert an existing point feature and all its inspection details.

Mandatory fields

The system encourages users to fill in mandatory fields when inspecting and recommending works (for example, “Species” and “Priority” to ensure key information is consistently captured.

Photo capturing

The app’s in-built camera allows users to take and automatically associate photos against each tree, TPO and asset record and to set one as the default. Photos can also be associated with defects or features within the record and used in reports.

Amenity assessment – CAVAT or others

Amenity-assessment on trees and groups of trees, support for industry recognised systems including CAVAT, Tempo & Helliwell, plus user defined methods.

Work overview list

Colour-coding is used to identify due/overdue sites and individual trees/assets both on the map and in the list. Sites, trees or assets can be ordered by their next inspection due date.

Overview map

Zoom out and display site labels to show all nearby sites pinpointed, with those requiring or overdue for your attention highlighted. ID numbers, species or asset descriptions can also be displayed on the map to help with locating the required feature.

Risk calculations

User definable or inbuilt QTRA risk assessment calculation supports customisable risk categories with automatic of setting works priority and associated colours shown on maps.

Prevention of duplicate inspections

Trees/assets inspected within the last set number of days are automatically shown striped on mapping, to indicate surveying progress and to avoid duplicate inspection by the same or another inspector.

Dealing with TPOs and works applications/notices

TPO surveys

The ability to quickly and efficiently plot, survey, amenity-assess and take photos for potential TPO trees & also to carry out detailed on-site review surveys of existing TPOs, leading to varying or revoking/replacing.

TPO applications

The case officer can visit and assess TPO works applications and conservation area (s211) notices, including amenity assessment, recording of officer report comments, tree photos and optional observations against each tree, with electronic access to the application form, submitted plans and other application documents, all locally on the device.

Providing a streamlined response to Enquiries & Complaints

Allocation of enquiries to case officer’s device

When an enquiry is marked as requiring a visit the system will automatically send a push notification and forward the enquiry details including related trees/assets to the allocated surveyor/officer’s device in real time.

Enquiry status update

Once the inspection is complete, the enquiry is updated with inspector observations and it’s status is automatically updated to reflect whether any further action is needed, ensuring all appropriate follow-up measures are taken.

Using Onsite App in conjunction with Works ordering module & Contractor Plus

A live list of outstanding work orders for each contractor

An overview of what is happening in each team of operatives with current status and progress for each work order, site, tree/asset and operation.

Contractor Gang Tablets

The Onsite app can be used by a works gang/team to receive and sign off work instructions in real time in the field.

A live list of jobs for each gang/team

Work orders are displayed in the order in which they need to be completed and providing full description for each site, with start & complete by dates, notes, attachments and current status.

Dynamic notifications & contractor feedback

An automatic notification is sent whenever work becomes allocated to a team’s device, drawing their attention to the newly allocated work. The contractor then gets visual confirmation for each work item that it has been received by that team’s device.

Flexible risk assessment solution

Before signing off any work on a site, the gang/team can be required to complete a pdf risk assessment form in the app, which is generated from and saved to that order. There’s also an option to base subsequent days’ assessments on a previous one for the same site. Each contractor can fully define their own risk assessment template for use by their teams.

Work sign-off & approval

Works teams/gangs sign off work via the app, and can take photos of the completed work, and optionally add their own comments. Once work orders are submitted as complete, contractors submit them for approval by the client, before requesting payment.

SmartSync: Full on and offline data capture and automatic updates

Ezytreev Onsite App collects and updates data even without an Internet connection. Work is never suspended due to limitations on connectivity – users are able to check and inspect any asset whenever and wherever it is required.

The Onsite App offers full on and offline capability via SmartSync, all tree/asset/TPO data and all mapping is on each device at all times and doesn’t rely on an internet connection. The SmartSync web service keeps all data-collection devices and the desktop system in sync, it will automatically synchronise all each device when a connection to the central server is established. The system will identify updates to be made, and then merge them wirelessly in the background using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G across platforms, as and when a connection becomes available.

Users of the Enquiries and/or TPO modules will also benefit from the automatic allocation of the enquiries/applications on the officer’s device in real time.
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