On-site data collection

Practical app for a full day of the field work

On-site data collection

Ezytreev allows users to perform in-the-field data collection for  trees, outdoor assets, landscaping features as well as TPO surveying and TPO reviews, applications and enquiry processing. Ezytreev apps support a wide range of modern hand-held devices from smart phones to tablets with the app available for Android, iOS and Windows. 

Ezytreev will automatically display a map based on your location with high accuracy in real time. This allows users to collect all the required information and accurately plot and/or re-allocate the position of individual trees, groups of trees or assets. As well as capturing the standard and user definable attributes the apps in-built camera allows users to take and automatically associate a photo/s of the trees/assets they are inspecting.

Work is never suspended due to limitations on connectivity – users are able to check and inspect any asset whenever it is required.


All the devices hold all the mapping and tree/asset data and can run independently without the constant requirement of the Internet. SmartSync offers the advantage of a ‘live’ link and seamless syncing of changes between devices and the central server whenever a data connection is available.  Anyone working in the field has full access to all trees/assets/TPOs and mapping on all devices at all times. Users of the Enquiry module will also benefit from the automatic allocation of the enquiries on the officer’s device in real time.

Tree data collection

 The Ezytreev On-site App is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices. 

Using On-site app

Each device is setup for a particular user profile and it includes a data set specific for this user. The same data collection licence can be used for all installed modules. This could be for Inspections, Enquiries, TPO surveys, TPO applications, Works orders and checking work quality.

When carrying out an inspection, previously recorded details are displayed on the device. The date and time will be automatically updated, as well as the inspector’s name. The existing inspection data will be moved into history where it will be stored for further information. 

Tree/asset details screen is optimised for fast and efficient data collection, with minimal typing and ability to copy and add/insert an existing point feature (eg. an individual tree) and all its inspection details. The system encourages users to fill in mandatory fields when inspecting and recommending works (for example, “Species” and “Priority” important in urban tree inventories) to ensure no recommendations get overlooked.

Accurate plotting

In-built GPS is used to assist plotting features ans offers a ‘circle of confidence’. Trees/assets can be moved if plotted incorrectly.

Ability to display details

ID numbers, species or asset item can be displayed on the map to help with locating the required feature.

Photo capturing

The ability to take and automatically associate photos against each tree, TPO and asset record and to set one as a default. Photos can also be associated with defects or features within the record and used in reports.

New enquiry alerts

An immediate notification will alert the user that a new enquiry has been added to the list, ad-hoc and emergency inspections can be recorded as a result of enquiries received. 

TPO surveys

The ability to plot, survey & amenity-assess potential TPO trees & the ability to carry out on-site review surveys of existing TPOs.

TPO applications

Management of TPO applications & s211 notices, including validation, site visits & appeals.

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