Visitor Management systems explained

Visitor Management systems explained

In the fast-paced world of modern business, the efficient management of visitors is crucial for a seamless and secure workplace. Visitor Management system helps companies not only efficiently manage and track visitors on their premises but also ensure a secure environment for your employees and guests in both regular and emergency situations. The right visitor management system can provide numerous benefits from ensuring that site procedures are followed to providing a world-class customer experience.

There are a few main reasons why a visitor management system is beneficial to businesses, these are outlined here:

Standard procedure: Implementing a uniform visitor and employee access management protocol across various sites and campuses empowers your company to navigate the contemporary dynamics of the modern workplace. Standardisation significantly reduces the risk of overlooking critical details. This becomes particularly invaluable during audits, ensuring your organisation operates seamlessly within legal frameworks.

Enhanced security measures and real-time visibility: Visitor Management system goes beyond mere convenience; it stands as a robust security tool. By capturing and securely storing visitor data, it facilitates the constant monitoring and control of access to your premises. An integral aspect of a visitor management system is its capability to electronically analyse data, providing a comprehensive record of every visitor to the building. In emergency situations, the VMS plays a pivotal role by furnishing fire marshals with a complete list of individuals present in the building during a fire. This ensures a swift and accurate roll call, confirming that everyone has safely evacuated the premises.

Improved front-line productivity: A visitor management system presents a solution to reduce operating costs. With the option for visitors to digitally sign in, valuable time is saved for front-desk staff, enhancing overall front-line productivity.

Improved customer service: Visitor Management system is crafted to enhance the experience for customers, their guests, and employees, enriched by the speed and efficiency of interaction with a user-focused self-service check-in process. It facilitates personalised messages to visitors, delivering custom greetings upon arrival and sending out personalised email invitations. The streamlined check-in procedures make the process quick and hassle-free, contributing to an overall improvement in customer service.

Workplace insights and reporting: VMS offers valuable insights into visitor traffic, peak visiting hours, and more. This data empowers users to make informed decisions, optimise resource allocation, and enhance overall efficiency. Access detailed reports showcasing visitor sign-in and out times, and effortlessly filter data by date, visitor, visitor company, host company, and host staff for a comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics.

Compliance made easy: Gathering visitor data is just the starting point; however, ensuring regulatory compliance remains a paramount concern for businesses. Equally crucial is having a well-defined strategy for the removal of this data either over time or upon request. Some companies may prefer to retain visitor data for a specific duration, while others might receive requests for removal in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Many solutions available on the market may appear to have similar capabilities and selecting the right visitor management solution can be challenging. What are therefore the essential features that managers should look for when choosing the ideal solution?

Every company has different priorities, and based on this and the detailed feedback received from our users, we’ve listed 7 essential features to look for in a Visitor management system:

1. Pre-registration: Visitor pre-registration allows the host or software admin to create visitor bookings and self-manage appointments of who is attending a visit and when. For those with a stringent security requirement, pre-registration can allow background checks to be carried out before arrival or ensure appropriate physical security measures are in place.

2. Email confirmations with security codes: When registering a visitor to your site, the ability to send a visit confirmation email is invaluable. This email ideally includes the location, directions, any special instructions, and a unique code, such as a QR code or barcode, that the visitor can present upon arrival. This not only streamlines the check-in process but also minimises the need for manual data entry, ultimately saving time and reducing errors.

3. Self-service visitor check-in: This feature not only offers a professional-looking and cost-effective solution but also empowers visitors to independently check-in, print their badge, and notify the relevant staff member of their arrival. The streamlined process ensures efficient visitor processing with minimal effort, fostering a positive visitor experience. An alternative approach involves displaying a QR code on-screen for individuals to scan from their mobile device, providing access to a sign-in form. Consider the significance of this for large groups of visitors.

4. Instant email notifications: The system enhances the visitor journey by sending automated emails to the hosts, promptly notifying them of visitor arrivals as soon as the check-in process is complete.

5. Badge printing: Automatically printing guest passes upon sign-in offers employees a convenient way to quickly confirm that the guest has complied with on-site regulations and is permitted to be on-site.

6. Customisable interface and bespoke company branding: Some solutions provide customisation options, enabling you to tailor the check-in experience to reflect your brand identity. You can customise visitor management branding, backgrounds, and button colours to meet your specific information capture requirements. This personalisation not only leaves a lasting impression on visitors but also allows you to craft an impressive, brand-unique experience.

7. Watchlists: Employing watchlists, the system sends alerts and maintains awareness of individuals necessitating special attention upon arrival, including VIPs or those with permanently restricted access.

By integrating visitor registration with the everyday tools organisations can start their visitor management on the right foot. In addition, your chosen solution should be from a reliable provider that can assist you with implementations, ensure integration within your software and support remote working.  The following should also be included in your package: consultancy services, full training and reliable and friendly support to assist in day-to-day operations.

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