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We are a privately owned, family run business founded in 1988 by Rob, Jon and Annette Dabbs. Starting with a business idea of developing software for tree management, RA Information Systems has come a long way from its beginning. Focused on providing maximum support to our client’s operations, we have expanded our offerings into IT network and infrastructure, data security,  connectivity and voice solutions and support services in order to provide our customers with ready-to-operate systems.


We have been successful in the development and implementation of our specialised enterprise software packages for over 30 years. We are the UK & Ireland market leader in tree & asset management with Ezytreev. We are widely recognised for our Workspace solution which streamlines management operations for large laboratory and office premises with Clarity Core (formally branded as UKSPA Clarity and IBCS).


Having been in the IT business for over 30 years, we have gained a great understanding of our customers, how valuable their businesses are and we work flexibly with them. Collaborative user feedback has enabled us to continually evolve with our product development and competition between software providers has made us proactive with introducing emerging technology trends. Our packages are competitive and provide training, maintenance and ongoing support.


Our brands are now associated with industry expertise, in-depth detail, always available client support and commitment to the delivery of high customer value and experience. The ongoing referrals from satisfied customers have been ensuring us an ever-growing number of clients and further contributing to our development over years. All these factors have allowed us to become strategic partners to many businesses, public bodies and industry related associations.

The Secret of our Success

Here at RA Information systems we are passionate about technology development and we hope you – our customers enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy supporting your business.


To bring our expertise and high-quality support to our client’s success and growth.


To be the most trusted and valuable strategic partner in the IT industry.


Passion for technology, Commitment to professionalism and Customer centricity.


Highly skilled and experienced engineers with several industry qualifications.

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