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Technology is an increasingly important factor in allowing your business to gain a competitive edge in a fast-moving marketplace. Here at RA Information Systems we have been delivering consolidated technology packages for many years, ensuring seamless and secure connections between locations, teams, devices and applications. Our bespoke solutions have been successfully delivered to both private and public sectors, small and large enterprises, local government, central government agencies throughout the UK and across Europe. 

Areas of expertise

IT solutions, connectivity, software development and implemention

Fully managed IT services

A full range of managed services from desktop support to small business through to fully outsourced IT to medium-sized enterprises. Design and implementation of all the IT infrastructure including server hostings, data backup services, building Wi-Fi solutions and switch infrastructure; data security, business continuity and disaster recovery services. Find out more about managed services

Connectivity Solutions

Business class leased line connectivity and broadband services for any requirement, delivery of Shared Internet, wireless connectivity, high-capacity, fast and secure connections, from individual sites to multi-site organisations requiring private site-to-site or direct connections into cloud service providers’ networks. Find out more about connectivity solutions

VoIP Phone Systems

Flexible, practical and secure Voice over IP is the ideal solution for business. Simplifying all the communication processes, it allows your team to be reachable at any time, plus higher control over service and reduced infrastructure and call costs. Latest features tailored to the most demanding client expectations.Find out more about RA Telecom

Workspace and customer management system

Specialised software to streamline the management of combined office and event spaces, laboratory units and workshop premises, automate industry specific operational processes from lead importing, occupancy and contract management to automated billing. Find out more about Clarity Core

Tree and TPO management system

The market leader solution designed to support local authorities, public and private sectors to fulfill their commitment to manage and maintain their trees from all inspections and works carried out, through to work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries. TPO management & support for works applications/notices. Find out more about Ezytreev

Asset mapping and management system

Comprehensive solution designed for organisations responsible for grounds maintenance of public and commercial premises, sports and recreational areas for the management of park, street, grounds and landscape features and infrastructure from inspection and risk identification, through to maintenance, budgeting and reporting. Find out more about Ezyasset

 Let’s deal with your technology challenges together!

Sector focus

Management software for environmental and arboricultural sector

Solutions tailored to support public and private sector professionals to fulfill their commitment to manage and maintain trees, landscape features and infrastructure on streets, in parks, woodlands and green spaces, on council estates, along public roads and coastlines.


 Asset mapping & management system

Tree management system

 Tree and TPO management system


Sector focus

Service to workspace providers and their clients

If you operate a shared occupancy commercial property you will be keen to provide your customers, their employees, partners and visitors with access to the latest technology within your premises. Whether your clients are from private or public sectors, established enterprises or start-ups we are here to help your business to offer a secure and technology-enabled workspace that will attract clients, allow you to command premium rates for your space and ultimately ensure that your own business succeeds and thrives.


Bandwidth usage and wireless connectivity

Security of client’s business data
VoIP telephony
Collaboration platforms and on-going support


Workspace and Customer
management system


Visitor management and digital sign-in


Enterprise-wide management
of incoming parcels


Workspace digital booking and signage


VoIP Phone Systems

Do you know how SMEs and start-ups can benefit of switching to VoIP and what Virtual Numbers are? Have a look at our VoIP for business FAQs and learn more.

Do not leave it until ISDN switch off planned for 2025, make the switch now and enjoy all technology benefits today!


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