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VoIP for schools and
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Flexible, practical, easy to adopt and scale, Voice over IP is the ideal solution for the education sector. Latest features of VoIP systems allow your school to improve communication, achieve a more collaborative learning environment and higher control over the service, while lowering infrastructure and call costs. Bespoke solutions are offered for every kind of building with single and multi-facility support. 

• Cloud hosted and on-premise school phone systems
• Shared Internet, Infrastructure design, high-capacity, fast and secure connections within facilities
• Managed web content filtering 
UK based in-house technical support to assist you with any day-to-day enquries

Keep your school and team connected and make the most of your resources!

Top Benefits of our VoIP Phone Systems 

Schools investing in a VoIP phone solution are discovering a number of advantages. See how your school can immediately benefits from switching your old phone system to VoIP. 

More efficient call management

Increased call capacity and with the latest VoIP features that can be tailored to school team and teacher’s requirements  reinforcing the entire call management. 

Cost saving on calls and infrastructure

Reduced phone system costs, significant savings on international and long-distance calling achieved by consolidating voice and data to a single network. Zero ownership costs for hosted solutions.

Greater customer service levels 

More efficient and personalised service, faster response  times and a greater client experience.

Improved communications

Better communication and collaboration among school employees, teachers, external professionals, students, parents and carers, potential to develop relationships and cooperate efficiently.

Freedom to work anywhere

Enabled staff mobility across locations and devices from wireless handsets to smartphone apps and desktop integration; teachers can be contacted away from the school site, without rewealing their personal phone number.

Full control over service

Easy-to-use web Portal allows various settings, access to recorded calls and voicemails, all to make basic changes and  keep on top of your call traffic. 

Enabled allerts
and announcements

Staff members, students and parents can be easily updated about school or local  services, events and emergencies via voice or text messages.

Automatic backup service

Everything to ensure your education business continuity, prevent the loss of information in case of unexpected circumstances.

Instant scalability and future proofing

Our VoIP systems are scalable and flexible allowing room for your institution growth and the option of adding/reducing  users and features as your needs evolve.

Enabled online learning & meeting

Enabled and enhance online learning experience, potential to conduct and attend seminars and parents meetings.

More services to students

Opportunity to created conference facilities which is particuarly suitable for multi-site schools and academy groups; to connect every classroom, to set up/improve Student Support line service ensuring students are never left alone.

Children protected from inappropriate content

Enabled content-control with restrictions to access web content that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous including websites, social media portals, email and other forms of online communications. 

Call plans can be switched at any time

RA Telecom offers three standard packages from basic to comprehensive and can also offer a personalised package for larger institutions



From £5

per user, per month

  • 10 MB Media Storage
  • Free internal calls
  • Access to Portal


From £10

per user, per month

  • Domestic major mobile 500 minutes included
  • 100 MB Media Storage
  • Free internal calls
  • Access to Portal
  • Multisite Support


From £15

per user, per month

  • Domestic major mobile 1000 minutes included
  • 1 GB Media Storage
  • Free internal calls
  • Access to Portal
  • Multisite Support

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