Workspace management system


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Workspace and Customer
management system

A comprehensive solution for office, lab and workspace portfolio management, customer & membership management and billing in a single, centralised platform.

Centralised platform
for monitoring, analysing, and optimising office, lab and workspace portfolio, its flexible and shared spaces and resources.

End to end solution
from booking diary through to managing enquiries and contracts, automated billing, facility maintenance and business reporting.

set up to the requirements of the individual site and its various departments.

Customer support based in the UK


A leading workspace management system in the UK & Ireland




Designed for efficient workspace management

CLARITY CORE is built to improve your operational efficiency, help overcome challenges in areas such as occupancy management, space and facility use optimisation, workload balancing, billing accuracy and performance reporting.

Streamlined lead management

Streamlined sales pipeline management, improved conversion rate and maximised revenue. 

Increased work efficiency

Reduced redundant processes, on-going costs, improved efficiency and processing capacity,
alleviated the possibility of human error.

Optimised record keeping

Optimised industry specific record keeping for entire enterprise in a centralised location becoming your single source of truth.

Automated invoicing

Streamlined contract administration and accounting, ensured accurate invoicing and reporting of transactional data.

Improved customer experience

Improved occupant experience, faster resolution of issues and more positive client experience.

Visisbility on key business metrics 

Performance reporting helping you to make your fully informed decisions. 

Secure data storage

Secure digital data storage (GDPR compliant) and backup, reduction in paperwork, physical filling and archiving. 

Maximised use of the workspace

Optimised space and facility utilisation.

Enhanced collaboration

Enhanced communications and collaboration with customers, across functions and contractors.


Stop your staff from doing redundant tasks

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Tailor your system to align with your co-working, flexible, office and lab space requirements

CLARITY CORE is modular in design and customisable. Start building your system with the Core module and extend it further into a fully-comprehensive management system by adding add-on modules, extensions & apps to suit your business requirements.

Build your system with CLARITY CORE

Fully operational on its own, our CORE module offers optimisation of numerous workspace and customer management processes. 

Occupancy & contract management

Efficient facility & room scheduling, all bookable space can be associated with services, account contacts and all the details on recurring charges linked to the accounting system.

Sales pipeline management

The system maps the sales cycle from capturing of initial enquiries, arranging viewings, generating proposals, automated creation and processing of contracts through to invoicing.

Customer interaction management

All current and former customer contacts & communications are recorded, from contact details to entire sales history, interactions and services provided over time. 

Automated invoice generation

Covering all periodic invoicing needs for rental and service invoicing inc. the ability to import charging files from 3rd party systems for services, the system automatically calculates invoice amounts from the stored contracts and logged services.

Sales financial management

Detailed itemisation of all sales, payments, adjustments and allocations processed through the systems Sales Ledger, including standard debt management functionality, plus integration with 3rd party accounting packages.

Reporting and forecasting for occupancy and revenue

Detailed business reporting and analysis with statistics on prospects and customers, office and meeting room occupancy, sales reports for various service utilisation.

Explore the full range of features of our CORE module! 


Extend your system further by including our specialised add-on modules

Extend the capabilities of your CLARITY CORE system and enhance experience for both operators and their residents/members.

Customer portal

A point of interaction with your customers, and providing them with an opportunity to access shared information and use convenient self-service features. Find out more. 

External bookings & payment portal 

Online booking facility to engage with external prospects, making it easy for anyone to search, book and pay for your space online. Find out more.

Visitor management & digital sign-in

Seamless visitor management solution with recording of visitors, including staff sign-in and safety roll call, all in one system. Find out more.

Facilities maintenance 

Designed to optimise preventive and corrective maintenance work, allowing customers to report any facilities faults or change requirements. Find out more.

Direct debits

The module enables business to operate an automated payment request system, allows direct debit collection, transaction recording and payment allocation. Find out more.

Asset management & inventory control

The module combines asset tracking, inventory management and resource deployment. Find out more.

Parcel management

Parcel Mobile App and Optical Character Recognition technology for an enterprise-wide management of incoming parcels. Find out more.

Digital signage

Digital signage solution integrated with touch–screen digital displays to simplify the booking process, ideal for premises with shared amenities. Find out more. 

Comprehensive support & resources: Everything you need for seamless operations

System integration

Integration with other systems inc. customer relationship management (CRM) systems, accounting software, lead imports, email integration and e-signatures.

Find out more

Data privacy capabilities

We are committed to helping our customers comply with data protection and privacy regulations, keeping individuals’ personal data secure and private.

Find out more.

Support desk

We have a Support Desk call logging system.Our support team will try to resolve the issue during the initial contact. If your call is not resolvable on first call, you will receive an e-mail with a call reference number. 

Find out more.

FAQs hub

Check out our FAQs hub, your go-to source for quick solutions to commonly asked questions, created with your needs in mind.

Find out more. 

Learning & training resources

Remote or face-to-face training sessions, either to introduce new users to the system or to refresh existing user’s knowledge of a chosen module. Clarity User Forum is our platform offering instant access to user manuals, news and a community forum. 

Find out more.

G-Cloud 13 listing

Public sector organisations can find CLARITY CORE on G-Cloud 13, the UK government’s Crown Commercial Service procurement framework. 

Find us on G-Cloud 13.

Types of CLARITY CORE users

CLARITY CORE is designed to be incorporated into a wide range of workspace management scenarios. It is widely used by laboratory, workshop and office space providers,  science, research and innovation-led companies, flexible office and managed workspace providers and event venues.

Science parks, research campuses, technology and innovation centres

Flexible office and managed workspace providers, business centres, shared or virtual office sector operators

Startup accelerators, business incubators,  co-working and community hubs

Event & conference centres, performing arts and sporting venues

Academic and
training venues

Exhibition centres and trade show organisers  

Check out our client testimonials

CLARITY CORE (formally branded as UKSPA Clarity and IBCS) is proven and industry accepted, see what our clients say:

“CLARITY enables us to effectively manage our growing number of centres from managing our prospects through to providing data ensuring we are on top of our building maintenance. The RA Information Systems’ team are all a pleasure to deal with and the support team are quick and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Caroline Hyde
Allia Ltd

“We have used CLARITY to manage the Science Park’s leases, licences and meeting room bookings, recently moving to their cloud based service – the flexibility and easy use combined with excellent helpdesk support have continued to make RA Information Systems’ CLARITY the ideal solution for us.”

Julie Marvin
Bristol & Bath Science Park

“The integrated nature of the CLARITY modules has meant that we are able to quickly progress clients and tie the details in with our accounting system. The CLARITY team are keen to listen to feedback and implement upgrades or new methods, meaning that it continues to evolve and improve. I recommend CLARITY to any company looking to streamline their business systems and simplify communications.”

James Keeling
Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

’”Clarity has provided us with a full compliment of services, enabling us to offer a professional service to our Resident Businesses and Centre visitors alike. Clarity Signs, Visitors and Parcels have been instrumental in advancing our centre in tech, enhancing customer service and standardising procedures.’’ 

Carly Rose
Harborough Innovation Centre

“We use both the CLARITY management system and the RA Telecom service. Both services are excellent for running an Innovation Centre. The helpdesk for both services is efficient and professional. We would certainly recommend the product and service.”