Clarity Parking App


Clarity Parking App


Designed to simplify monitoring of a private car park, identify and prevent parking abuse. Clarity parking app is the way forward to ensure your facilities are protected from unauthorised parking ensuring  adherence to your site’s rules.

How it works: A unique QR code can be generated for each contact within the CLARITY CORE system. Place the printed QR code inside the resident’s vehicle, and through use of the app, staff members can scan and identify the owner and check their contact details at any time.

QR code generation for resident’s vehicles

Provide your residents with printed QR codes to display inside their vehicles in your car parking spaces

Identification of vehicles & access to details

Enable your staff to quickly identify authorised vehicles and access contact details with ease, ensuring efficient communication and issue resolution 

QR code generation for visitor’s vehicles

Already using or thinking about our Clarity Visitor sign-in system too? Clarity parking app seamlesly integrates with our Clarity Visitor, meaning you can offer your visitors the convenience of day parking permits. Once placed inside the visitor’s vehicle, the printed QR code can be scanned by your staff to identify their vehicle at any time, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all.

Integration with 


Adopt our parking mobile app
and enjoy the benefits

Time & resource efficiency

Clarity Parking App saves time and resources for both your management team and parking staff, the automated QR code generation and scanning processes reduce manual workload 

Protection from unauthorised parking

Easily identify non-permitted vehicles & protect facilities from unauthorised parking

Enhanced communication

Enhanced communication between staff, residents, and visitors, allowing for quick issue resolution 

Visitor convenience

The integration with Clarity Visitor provides a hassle-free solution for issuing day parking permits to visitors, making it easier for them to comply with your  parking procedures

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