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Works Ordering and Budgeting

The module allows users to create, issue, monitor the status of and sign off works orders, with automatic pricing based on multiple schedules of rates and variables, and seamless updating of the tree or asset inventory with works performed. Works orders can be generated based on planned maintenance regimes, inspection surveys or from day to day enquiries.
The system allows the user to manage contracts, work budgets, expenditure codes and multiple schedules of rates. Works can be ordered against a contractor’s schedule of rates, entered and/or priced on an ad-hoc day rate or quotation basis where necessary. 

Multiple contractors with multiple sets of rates for each are allowed, and any contractor and any schedule of rates may be selected for any order as required. The costs associated with these works can be allocated against the appropriate budgets allowing better planning and management of the works ordering process. In addition, the system allows costs to be put initially into any defined ‘budget year’, and then unordered works can be moved between years as priorities change.

The module integrates with ezyTDI and ezyE&C, data-collection module for linked site inspections and can be used in conjunction with the Contractors Plus Interface.

The module operates as additional to Tree & Asset modules.

Module Features

Generation of work orders

Orders can be issued based on planned maintenance regimes, inspection surveys or from day to day enquiries. Associated and additional maps can be  included.

Comprehensive works budgeting

The system allows users to manage contracts and work budgets with support for multiple contractors and schedule-of-rates, enabling users to carry out budgeting, forecasting and invoicing.

Automatic updating of the inventory

The system updates the tree or asset inventory with works performed including the status of each work item.

Link with enquiry module

For a works order raised from the enquiry module the status of an enquiry will be updated automatically when works are progressed through to completion, keeping the inventory up to date. 

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