Works Ordering

Module Features

Contract management

The system allows users to manage contracts with support for multiple contractors and schedule-of-rates. Any contractor and any schedule of rates may be selected for any order.

Generation of work orders

This module allows users to create, monitor the status and sign off completed works electronically. Orders can be issued based on planned maintenance regimes, inspection surveys or from day to day enquiries. Associated and additional maps can be included.

Comprehensive works budgeting

The system allows users to manage work budgets. The costs associated with works can be allocated against the appropriate budgets. Costs can be put initially into any defined ‘budget year’, and then unordered works can be moved between years as priorities change.

Automatic pricing

The system allows pricing based on multiple schedules of rates or time allocated, works can be priced on an ad-hoc day rate or quotation basis. Option to use hours or standard minutes in addition to pricing.

Automatic updating of the inventory & budget

The system updates the tree or asset inventory with works performed, including with the current status as each job is progressed via the module. So it’s always clear when viewing the tree/asset inventory, what stage any outstanding work is at.

Link with Enquiries & Complaints module

For works orders raised from the enquiry module the system will update the enquiry status when works are progressed through to completion.


Works Monitoring with Onsite App

Ezytreev allows inspectors, officers and contract monitoring users to view outstanding work, monitor progress and approve or withhold approval for work, while in the field on a range of hand-held devices. 

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System configuration

Ezytreev allows users to perform the following configurations:


The ability to add new schedules of rates  and to define new relationships between these and existing recommendations, without affecting historical data.


The ability to define how rates apply based on various additional factors, including the height/spread/trunk size, the number of trees on a site etc.


The ability to define multiple regimes for cyclical maintenance of certain trees, including the length of cycle, the year in the cycle within which any particular tree features, and the associated work that will be required.


The ability to manage expenditure codes within the system and apply multiple codes at the various levels of an order.


The ability to set, manage and report on budgets within the system, with this information automatically collating based on orders having expenditure codes associated.


The ability to manage orders batched together by a particular contractor or for a particular period of time and to see at a glance the total value of orders, payments made/outstanding etc. 

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