Facilities Maintenance


Facilities maintenance

Our Facilities Maintenance module is designed to optimise and streamline the processes involved in handling and progressing preventive and corrective maintenance requests within your buildings, from scheduling planned works to regular recurring tests, we can tailor Facilities Maintenance to suit your needs. The Facilities Maintenance Module is available as a CLARITY CORE add-on module.

Dashboard View
Logging service requests
Works scheduling
Planning recurring tests
Full audit and record keeping
Contracts and documents


Facilities Maintenance features

The Facilities Maintenance Module is fully customisable and can be tailored to your needs,
for example, accident reporting and health and safety awareness or issues. 

Dashboard View

An overview display of your work requests, active status and work type, the job priority, location, work instructions and all previous job history.

Add service requests

Add service requests in response to faults and breakdowns as reported by your team or your clients (see our Customer Portal integration below).

Schedule works

Organise repairs, schedule planned works including new equipment installations or office refurbishments with automated update notifications to your clients.

Plan recurring tests

Plan recurring tests in your buildings, for example, fire alarm or extinguisher testing.

Full audit and record keeping

Maintain record of all previous job history and actions taken.

Contracts and documents

Record and manage contractors and assign to your job requests. Upload all relevant documents, for example work permits or contracts/insurance documents and store all in one place.

Integration with
Clarity Customer Portal

Coupled with the CLARITY Customer Portal provide your clients with the ability to report faults or change requests within your buildings, whether that be within their own offices or in general shared areas. Their requests will be automatically logged to the Facilities Maintenance Module for review, with the Customer Portal keeping your clients updated as their job request progresses.

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