Tree data inventory and analysis

Technology for sustainable management of trees and woodlands

Tree data inventory and analysis

A comprehensive solution to tree management customised to the client’s specific requirements. With the ability to store both current and historic data relating to the tree, inspections and works (including photos, documents and enquiries), helping tree managers to work in accordance with the highest levels of governance of arboricultural practice.

Cloud based

The system is Cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces.

Integrated with GIS mapping

Works with all major GIS mapping formats including Web and open source mapping.

Flexible & customisable

Offers fully user definable tree data analysis and reporting functionalities.

Full access to all assets  at all times

Anyone working in the field has full access to all trees and mapping at all times.

The latest technology, efficiency and reliability all in one system


Top Features

Accurate inventory

Complete inventory of tree stock by location/site, with data including  species, ages, conditions,  mapping and photos assigned to each tree.

Management dashboard

Dashboard highlighting  sites with overdue or imminent inspections, plus  outstanding works by location/site.

History of inspections & works

Full history of inspections and works carried out recorded accurately in accordance with  industry standards and best practice.

Inspection scheduling

Ability to define each tree’s re-inspection interval based on its site type, risk category or a system-wide default,  options for inspecting individual trees or at whole site level.

 Risk calculations

User definable
or inbuilt QTRA risk assessment calculation supports colour coding of risk categories with automatic setting works priority.

 Maintenance regimes

Manage regular tasks by allocating trees to one or more  regime,  allowing convenient scheduling of works. 

Amenity valuation methods – CAVAT or others

Ability to determine the amenity value of trees and/or the total value of the tree stock in terms of the cost of equivalent replacement.

Search & select facility

Extensive search and filter facility, enabling users to search on any attribute assigned to the tree or inspection.


Highly customisable reports with a range of data outputs & automatic generation of  maps & photos; reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML

Costed work reports

Supports the generation of works reports including maps and contractors rates for pricing  recommended works.

Designed as a custom build system, Ezytreev allows defining and recording of a wide range of data attributes including: 

Tree attributes

Species, dbh, height, crown spread, maturity, vigour, health & life expectancy

Inspector observations

Tree condition codes, feature codes & recommendations; re-order, group and retire codes without impacting on existing inspection data

Maintenance needs

Recommended work priorities and timescale for completion

Bands & flags for capturing data

A choice to capture height, spread & trunk data using  bands or to record actual measurements, plus flags with YES/NO answers

Tree owner

The ability to assign a tree owner from a list of options (to each tree or whole site level) including individual owners

Additional fields 

Drop-down fields and tick-boxes for capturing data against each tree record and inspection

On-site data collection

Using Tree Data Inventory with On-site app

Ezytreev allows users to perform on-site data collection on a range of hand-held devices from smart phones to tablets with the app available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Trees can be captured as either point, polygon or linear features. When plotting automatic measurement of polygon or linear features are captured.

Find out more about On-site App and other add-on modules! 


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Support dealing with Ash Dieback

The system helps determine and manage the risks from the disease and plan the mitigation work based on priority level. 


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