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Technology streamlining tree preservation procedures

TPO & work application management system

The most flexible solution for local planning and national park authorities responsible for TPO in conservation area tree functions. Ezytreev TPO allows users to quickly and efficiently manage all tasks to ensure that trees with significant amenity value are adequately protected. 
The system offers various methods of identifying trees for a new TPO, whether you are carrying out a survey, plotting trees while on an enquiry visit, reviewing an old TPO, creating a TPO from a conservation area (s211) notice or are plotting the trees manually from another source. The module also offers feature-rich support for processing works applications/notices, both in the office and on-site.

Cloud based

The system is Cloud-based and accessible from desktop and mobile devices.  

Integrated with GIS mapping

Powerful GIS mapping incorpotating client’s base mapping plus additional layers.

On-site app

Ezytreev is the only system supporting comprehensive TPO management functions on site with tablets for data collection, plotting, applications, order reviewing, amenity assessment etc. 

Full access to all data  at all times

Anyone working in the field has full access to all data and mapping at all times.

Ezytreev: the only system in the UK supporting full TPO functionality on-site.

Top Features

TPO register

Record of all Orders with associated maps & photos. Key stages of progress are reported using  colour coding.  

Registers of applications 

Record of all applications &  s211 notices including validation, site visits & appeals; consultation & document generation.

History of  works & applications

Full history of applications for works to trees protected by a TPO or conservation area.

Amenity valuation

Integrated calculator to assess suitability for protection applying TEMPO or other user defined or industry recognised methods.

TPO portal

Public portal for tree owners &  agents who can search for property, check the protection status of trees & work applications (see below to find out more).

Making and confirming new TPO

Ability to automatically generate new TPOs based on survey data for individual trees, areas, groups and woodlands. 

Support for reviewing TPOs

 Re-surveying,  varying, replacing & revoking existing Tree Preservation Order.

Generation of legal documents

Issuing & storing of legal documents, including new TPOs,
variation &  revocation of existing Orders.

Letter  generation & storage

Issuing of letters, emails, site  notices & reports, plus storage of any other files.


Managing the TPO consultation & confirmation process with automated contact lists & batches of letters.


Designed to be flexible, Ezytreev offers a range of customisation options including: 

Data capture fields

Species, dbh, height, crown spread, maturity, vigour, health & life expectancy 

Additional fields

Definable drop-down fields for capturing extra data against each tree record & survey

Amenity assessment

Support for industry recognised systems  including Tempo & Helliwell, plus user defined methods

Flexible processes

Definable consultation  timescales, TPO drafting stages & check lists to fit with corporate processes

Configurable templates

User definable model order documents & letter templates, site notices etc.

TPO reason codes

Definable codes applied to each tree or TPO with associated standard text for expediency

TPO schedule

Control schedule appearance with species description, tree location information & page formatting options

Application decisions

Customisable decision codes & linked  decision notices

Online services

TPO Portal

Avoid time consuming enquiries by encouraging the public to use this online self-service portal.

ezyPortal is fed directly from your TPO data held in Ezytreev. It publishes TPO and application/notification registers, including all relevant documents, and also offers a user-friendly interactive map search tool. Householders, neighbours, solicitors and others can check the protection status of trees by searching for a property and viewing TPO trees, Conservation areas and any s211 trees on mapping. Individual trees, groups, woodlands and areas can be interrogated via the map to find the species and type of protection, plus the application history of each tree. 

Register of tree preservation orders

Any member of the public can access information and view all related details, plus download legal documents of all TPOs (see a sample here).

Register of tree works applications / notifications

View current and previous applications to carry out works to TPO and conservation area trees (see a sample here).

Protected tree map 

Any member of the public can use the map search to find trees or property they are interested in & find out if a tree has a TPO or is in a concervation area, see datails of where it appears on the protected tree register and download legal documents (see a sample here).

Application to carry out work on  protected tree(s)

Any member of the public can submit an online application for works to tree(s) protected by a TPO or a conservation area notice. Applicants can create their own sketch-plan using GIS mapping,  upload documents and see their application progress via the portal (see a sample here). Ezytreev will automatically create an application record based on the completed form with attachments and interested parties and will also create a copy of the submission as a pdf 1App form that is automatically emailed to the applicant for their own records.

See the legislation governing Tree Preservation Orders and tree protection in conservation areas here.


Onsite APP

Ezytreev is the only system in the UK supporting comprehensive TPO management functions on-site with functionality for plotting/resurveying, visiting applications, amenity assessment etc all available on your tablet or phone. 

The Onsite App offers full on and off line capability via SmartSync, all TPO data and maps are on each device and can run independently without the requirement for mobile reception, Wi-Fi etc. Ezytreev’s SmartSync system keeps all data-collection devices and the desktop system in sync, it will automatically synchronise all the devices when a connection to the central server is established. The system will identify updates to be made, and then merge them seamlessly over Wi-Fi, & 4G/5G across platforms.


Onsite App key features:

Plot & survey potential TPO trees in the field using GIS.

Carry out on-site review surveys of existing TPOs.

Amenity-assess trees and group of trees. 

Visit & assess applications including officer report comments. 

Visit TPO or conservation area related enquiries.

Take and automatically associate photos against tree records. 

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