Clarity visitor: Visitor management and sign-in solution


Visitor management and digital sign-in solution

Designed to simplify management, provide a sign-in solution for access and flow control of visitors, employees, vendors and contractors within multi-use premises. 

CLARITY VISITOR can be purchased independently or as a CLARITY CORE add-on module.


An enterprise-wide visitor management, overview, analysis, auditing and fire safety evacuation lists.


A dedicated portal to allow businesses within a larger venue to self-manage their appointments.


Visitors self-sign themselves as arriving at site using their own mobile devices and our integrated digital displays with a QR code reader.


Automated email notifications to inform the meeting host of visitors arrival at the site.


Gatehouse management of visitors for sites with one or two tier security arrival processes. 


Everything to assist your safety protocols.


Start using CLARITY VISITOR and enjoy the benefits


Standardised visitor and employee access management procedure across sites and campuses, including gatehouse management of visitors for security stations where needed. Standardisation can minimise the chances that crucial details will be overlooked.


Enabled management of own appointments for all businesses located within premises. Help reduce operational costs and the time spent contacting customer service. Clients can use this feature to not only book visits, but also to find all the information associated with past visits.


Emergency lists make it easier to communicate with all visitors, alert them and arrange for their safety in case of emergency. Integrating smart tablets with 4G sim cards provides access to real-time list of visitors for self-verify roll calls at all times.


Reduced time spent on visitor management coupled with guest pre-registering and immediate visitor’s host notification. 


No-touch sign-in and sign-out digital screens to help break the transmission of coronavirus in line with the government guidance. 


More reliable and accurate digital record keeping, safeguarded with secure digital data storage and backup. You can retrieve and have access to all your data at any time. 


Visitor information is managed in accordance with data protection guidelines, with all sensitive data automatically removed, relieving the administrative burden associated with managing personal information.


Saved front-of-house staff time and resources,  with no need to take care of the entry and exit time of visits and arranging the paperwork involved in signing in. Better performance on other tasks.


All designed to improve the experience for your customers and their guests and employees, enriched by the speed and efficiency of interaction with a user-focused self-service check-in process. 


The system is fully customisable and can be tailored to a combination of requirements and updated to meet your needs specific to visitor type, location and entry point. Privacy compliance is managed in accordance with your company data protection guidelines ensuring all sensitive data is automatically deleted when no longer needed.

Pre-Registration Portal

Easy and quick, pre-registration portal allows businesses within a larger venue to create visitor bookings and self-manage appointments of who is attending a visit and when. Read more about portal features here.

Visit Authorisation

When enabled, this feature feeds visits from the customer portal in an unauthorised state, which will require a manual authorisation of the visit. This process allows users to upload/link documents to the visitor details at the point of authorisation which can be useful where specific customers wish to capture additional information from their visitors prior their visit e.g. health questionnaires (can be mandatory if required).

Visitor e-Ticket Notification

Once a visit has been authorised, a confirmation email is sent directly to the visitor, including a summary of the visit and a personal e-Ticket with a secure one-time QR code for a touch-free sign-in at any visitor sign-in screen in the premise. You can also share directions and location-specific instructions.

Digital Sign-in

Automatic check-in process for a pre-registered guest with a quick QR scanning;
Manual self-registration process: Clarity Visitor screen will guide any unexpected visitors through completing their details and for the purpose of their visit.

Integration with visitor label and pass printing

Adding a badge printing right at the check-in point helps ensuring everyone on site has signed in. Using compatible printers makes this a really simple process, visit passes and labels can be printed quickly and on-demand, from reception or a security staff station, or even be pre-printed for the pre-registered visitors.

Check-in for Unexpected Visitors

This  feature enables any ad-hoc site visits to be recorded in the system last minute before attendance. This is achieved by a specific QR code link for the registration portal. Codes are created to direct guests through an online registration of their attendance and can be displayed on a welcome screen at any entrance point. Visitors then scan a QR code using their phones and proceed. Once the details have been submitted and recorded, a confirmation email is sent as proof of registration.

Integration with Clarity parking App for convenient day parking permits

A visitor QR code can also be used to produce a day parking permit. Placed inside the resident’s vehicle, the printed QR code can be scanned by staff members at any time. This enables instant identification of the owner and provides access to their contact details round the clock. This feature would require a subscription to the Parking App.

Accurate On-Site list and emergency Roll Call mode

It’s more important than ever before to have an accurate list of all current guests and visitors that are onsite. Clarity Visitor keeps a digital record of all visitor history, including any images or electronically signed documents, for easy reporting details whenever it needed.

Employee/Staff Digital Sign-In-Out Screens

To enable the auditing and touch-less sign-in of employee’s or  contractor’s arrivals a feature with “Resident” QR access code can be implemented for any contact within each customer. The system will sign-in and sign-out employees based on their current status.

Integration with Clarity fire roll call app for residents

Clarity Visitor empowers residents/tenants to sign in their employees and visitors on a separate interactive screen. Choosing between automation with a swift QR code scan or manually updating the audit list, your residents gain flexibility and control in managing their premises. This feature would require a subscription to the fire roll call app.

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