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Welcome to the CLARITY CORE FAQs hub, your go-to source for quick solutions to commonly asked questions. We understand the value of clarity, which is why we have created this FAQ compilation with your needs in mind.

Workspace management system

Is CLARITY CORE compatible with other systems?

CLARITY CORE proudly offers an extensive suite of existing integrations with 3rd Party system providers. From facilitating Lead importing and establishing connections with various CRM systems, to seamlessly collaborating with financial accounting platforms like Sage, Xero, Agresso, and Dimensions, our capabilities extend further to include banking links tailored for reconciliation and Direct Debit processes. Moreover, we empower your data management by effortlessly importing information from a wide spectrum of point-of-sale devices. To learn more about integration, please refer to our dedicated section here.

How is my data stored?

All CLARITY CORE data is hosted, stored and backed-up in the UK only. Our platform is based on industry standard solutions from Cisco, Microsoft and Citrix and hosted in a modern data-centre. The Centre provides physical and environmental security and the servers are accessible only by RA Information Systems Staff. All SQL databases are incrementally backed-up each night, and all server data is backed-up via DPM to an off-site ‘warehouse’ independent of the hosted environment supplier. Compatible virus protection ensures security of the system, whilst our support team have full control over the servers 24 hours a day allowing them to address performance issues immediately. 

How do you ensure data privacy?

As a B2B software provider, we are committed to helping our customers comply with data protection and privacy regulations, keeping individuals’ personal data secure and private. Our Data Privacy capabilities encompass the following: Data extraction, Tailored data retention period, Data deletion, Data access control, and Data anonymisation. For in-depth information, explore our dedicated Data Privacy page.

Can CLARITY CORE assist in selling our space online?

CLARITY CORE understands the importance of reaching a wider audience, and to facilitate this, we have introduced a new online booking facility. Our portal allows your real-time room availability to be displayed, and through connection to your CLARITY CORE system, provides your rates and complementary services, making it easy for anyone to search, book and pay for your space online. The portal can be linked from your website and be customised with your own company logo & brand colours. See more info here.

How does digital signature functionality work within CLARITY CORE?

Within CLARITY CORE, you have the capability to digitally sign licence agreements, offering a streamlined and paperless solution. Furthermore, our e-signature feature serves as a protective measure for your meeting room bookings, reducing the likelihood of last-minute cancellations. By incorporating e-signatures into your booking confirmation terms, you can enhance the legitimacy of these bookings, reduce cancellations, prevent unused rooms, and ultimately safeguard your revenue.

Does CLARITY CORE support event management?

Absolutely! Through the use of our CLARITY CORE system and its event management features, we can simplify and optimise your event planning and execution process. To discover more about how our system can assist you in this regard, please explore our detailed page here.

Can CLARITY CORE assist in streamlining the process of requesting and collecting regular payments?

Certainly! CLARITY CORE is designed to simplify regular payments, making it efficient and hassle-free for you. Our Direct Debit module offers one-click creation of submission files tailored to your bank’s format and requirements. Learn more about our Direct Debits module here.

How does CLARITY CORE manage facility maintenance requests?

CLARITY CORE assists in handling and progressing preventive and corrective maintenance requests within your buildings, from scheduling planned works to regular recurring tests. See more info here.

How does CLARITY CORE handle sales financial management?

Clarity Core offers full sales financial management and provides detailed itemisation of all sales, payments, adjustments and allocations processed through the systems Sales Ledger, including standard debt management functionality such as debtor reports. Clarity Core integrates with 3rd party accounting packages such as Agresso, Dimensions, Great Plains, Oracle, as well as commercial accounting software such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks. See more info here.

Can you provide examples of the available business reports?

CLARITY CORE provides comprehensive business reporting and analysis, some examples of available reports include office and meeting room occupancy, prospect analysis, rental income breakdown, and invoice tracking, among others.

Are there any features available for our clients, including residents to support their daily business routines?

CLARITY CORE offers various features aimed at elevating the overall experience, convenience and efficiency, making business operations smoother for residents. Clatity Visitorsolution streamlines visitor, employee and contractor sign-in, ensuring an efficient access management process. Residents can take advantage of the Customer Portal which empowers them to seamlessly book meeting spaces, manage visits, log service requests and report faults, streamlining their interactions with the facility. See also Clarity Signs

Is there there additional services or solutions that RA can provide to further support our customers, their employees or partners within our premises?

Absolutely! We understand the diverse needs of businesses, whether they are from the private or public sectors, well-established enterprises or start-ups. Our aim is to assist your business in providing a secure and technology-enabled workspace that will not only attract clients but also enable you to command premium rates for your space. By doing so, we contribute to the success and thriving of both your clients’ businesses and your own. See our solutions here. 

As a business, maintaining a polished branding is crucial for us. Can CLARITY CORE assist in ensuring that all our output documents consistently comply with our branding?

CLARITY CORE is tailored to address your branding requirements. It enables you to maintain a consistent brand appearance across all your output documents. You can integrate pre-designed document templates for proposals, license agreements, invoices, and letters. The system seamlessly merges recorded data with designated placeholders, maintaining a consistent brand identity. Additionally, Clarity Core allows users to create system emails using rich features such as font styles, sizes, images, colours, and signatures.

How does CLARITY CORE manage user permissions and access?

With CLARITY CORE, you have control. You can grant specific access rights based on individual roles and responsibilities, ensuring security and compliance. User administrators can centrally configure access rights, restricting modules and menu options as needed.

How does CLARITY CORE receive updates and improvements?

CLARITY CORE is committed to continuous improvement. Updates are regularly rolled out to enhance functionality, address any issues, and introduce new features. User feedback is highly valued. We actively encourage our users to provide insights and suggestions. Regular feedback sessions and surveys help shape the ongoing development of CLARITY CORE to better meet user expectations.

How does CLARITY CORE ensure data backup and recovery?

Data security is our priority. CLARITY CORE includes robust backup and recovery mechanisms. Regular backups are performed to safeguard your data, and in the rare event of data loss, recovery options are available to minimise downtime.

On what type of devices can your applications be used?

Currently, our applications inc. Clarity Visitor, Signs and Parcels are accessible on Android devices.

If your question is not answered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, we are happy to help.

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