Security and threat protection

Industry leading technology and expertise to protect your  enterprise data and privacy 

Security and
threat protection

Is your enterprise protecting enough its critical data and applications? Are you considering enforcing your strategy addressing compliance and data privacy concerns? Today’s digital world opens up numerous opportunities for business, however with remote working,  security monitoring and threat protection is becoming more complex. Now is the right time to take all reasonable measures to minimise the risks.

We are here to protect your data and reputation. We provide structural security solutions against cyberattacks, professional monitoring and management. We ensure our client’s data security and integrity, including security of network and computer systems.


Data security

Security is central to all aspects of our managed services and secure practices are culturally embedded in our team. Working to ISO 27001 principles we apply the best practice in everything we do, from policy development through to infrastructure design and secure application hosting. We develop and implement robust securiry policies in collaboration with our clients to ensure that their data is kept secure. Utilising best in class network devices and security services our integrated solutions have security built in at the design stage.

Intrusion detection and prevention


Managed firewalls 


Identity and access management 
Secure remote  VPN access

Backup services

Whether you are looking to backup on-premise servers, cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 or cloud-based server estates in AWS or Azure, RA can propose the right backup service for your needs. With skills in a range of backup solutions we can identify and provide the most reliable and cost-effective backup service to meet your requirements. The RA engineers are skilled across a number of backup platforms and have the knowledge and experience necessary to recommend the best back solution for your needs.
By offering only cloud backup repositories hosted on our own platform we are able to control the end-to-end reliability and integrity of our backup services and can therefore assure our clients that their data is secure. Offering either Veeam, CommVault or Arcserve based solutions we have best in class options for your backup solution whether your data is on-premise, in AWS, Azure, Office 365 or your own data centre space.


Get ready to respond

Business continuity & disaster recovery

The RA Team has a wealth of experience in advising organisations on both operational and technology-related Business Continuity measures. RA’s IT solutions are designed with resilience built-in and can develop business continuity and recovery plans with its clients that match with the organisations business needs and budget.

Business continuity process ensure that your organisation is back to full functionality after a crisis whether this is due to a human error, hardware failure or a cyber-attack. Disaster recovery is designed to regain access to data, applications, IT infrastructure, power and connectivity and to restore communications and mission-critical operations following a disaster in the shortest possible time according to agreed RTO and RPO levels.

Set up the safety basics correctly, cut your security risks and get ready to respond

Top benefits of outsourcing our services:


Access to skills and advanced technology services not available in-house
Reduced capital expenditure, investment and training costs
Improved flexibility in use of resources and focusing on core business
Transfer of risk and service level to IT provider
Ongoing monitoring to discover risks before they become breaches
Fast remediation in the event of incidents

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