Full release of Onsite app for Android

Full release of Onsite app for Android

We are excited to announce that we are about to start making the new Ezytreev Onsite app available to all remaining users of the older Ezytreev data collection app for Android. This fantastic cross-platform app sets the new standard for efficient data collection and ease of use, with its fresh and intuitive user interface, combined with familiar smart Ezytreev functionality. 

Key benefits of the new app over the existing android app:

  • inspection history now available for each tree/asset,
  • easy access to tree/asset and sites lists alongside the map,
  • improved tree/asset details with everything available in one view,
  • live risk category and priority auto-setting for all risk assessment methods,
  • seamlessly switch from scrolling the map to selecting a tree/asset without changing mode,
  • support for plotting multiple polygon (group) areas attached to a single record,
  • support for new client works-monitoring dataset,
  • new and improved AutoSync function to seamlessly keep your data up to date.

Ezytreev Onsite Android rollout schedule

Ezytreev Onsite is already in use by all Ezytreev iOS/iPadOS device users and those with Windows 10/11 tablets, plus many Android users who’ve had a device set up in the last 18 months.

The rollout will start from the end of October for users whose devices are running Android 12 or 13, and then in the weeks following will expand to users of older versions of the Android operating system, down to Android 8. See the rollout schedule below for when you can expect to switch to the new app. 

The change will happen seamlessly for most users, via an automatic update to the existing app, through the Android Play Store. To ensure that you receive the update when it’s made available for your device, check that your Play Store settings are configured to allow auto-updating of apps.

On the days immediately following the planned release date for your device’s operating system, check whether your device has updated yet, and if it has, make sure that you can successfully launch the app and access your data, before you first take it out on site/surveying.

Ezytreev Onsite Android rollout schedule:
Android 12 & 13: Monday 31st October
Android 11: Monday 14th November
Android 10: Monday 21st November
Android 9: Monday 28th November
Android 8: Monday 5th December

Onsite app learning and training resources

There’s loads of helpful user information about the Onsite app available on ezyuserguide.com, including video guides, all of which can be found here.

We will also be hosting a live webinar on Tuesday 18th October for anyone who would like a live demonstration of how to perform a range of tasks using the app, and an opportunity to ask any questions. If you would like to attend the webinar please email robert.taylor@ra-is.co.uk. The webinar will be recorded and made available to view subsequently via ezyuserguide. More details about the planned rollout are available via the Ezytreev Onsite Android Rollout FAQs