Asset management system

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Asset Management
for open spaces

A comprehensive and reliable solution for organisations responsible for grounds maintenance of public and commercial premises, sports and recreational areas. Provides a set of management features from recording and inspecting, to work scheduling, generation of job tickets and reports with associated maps.
This solution is applicable to a wide range of related assets comprising street furniture, lighting, signage, any natural landscape features, elements of biophilic design, grass, benches, dog bins, shrub beds, barriers, bollards, fountains, bike racks, playground and other equipment.

Cloud based

The system is Cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces.

Integrated with GIS mapping

Works with all major GIS mapping formats including Web and open source mapping.

Flexible & customisable

Fully user definable custom symbology, data analysis & reporting, allows users to tailor their data format, set-up asset category, types and items.

Full access to all assets  at all times

Anyone working in the field has full access to all assets and mapping at all times.

The latest technology, efficiency and reliability all in one system


Top Features

Accurate inventory

Complete inventory by location/site/map, photo storing capabilities, including multiple images of defects.

Asset dashboard

Dashboard highlighting  sites with overdue or imminent inspections, outstanding works and associated maps.

History of inspections & works

Full history of inspections and works carried out.

Search & select facility

Extensive search and select facility, enabling  users to search on any attribute assigned to the item, location, site type, owner, inspection due date etc.

Inspection scheduling

Re-inspection periods can be allocated to a particular ‘Asset Category’ or ‘Asset Type’ with option for inspecting individual assets or for a whole site.

Work scheduling

Work scheduling, generation of job tickets and reports with maps,  supports work rates for costing recommended works.

Generation of maintenance regimes

Maintenance regimes can be set-up and multiple regimes can be added to each item.


Report data fields can be customised with inclusion of the maps & photos,  reports can be exported to Word, Excel, PDF or HTML.

Ezytreev provides two-way integration with a majority of corporate CRM systems, including works ordering direct from enquiry record.

Designed to be incorporated into a wide range of management scenarios, the major application areas include:

Landscape features

Open-space tracts, paths, bridges, steps, pavement segments, scenic view area, curbs, gravel/sand and surfaces

Structures & amenities

Fences, gates, pavilions, benches, bike racks, street furniture, signage and lighting, fountains, sculptures,  grave & memorial stones

Plants & greenery

Shrubs, hedges, lawn areas, borders, flower beds and pots, natural and man-made areas

Sport & playground areas & equipment

Sport fields and courts, climbing walls, jungle gyms, sandboxes, slides and swings

Water access points

Ponds or lakes, river access points and life safety systems/equipment

Parking areas

Outdoor parking lots and equipment ect

On-site data collection

Using Asset Management with On-site app

Ezytreev allows users to perform on-site data collection on a range of hand-held devices from smart phones to tablets with the app available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Assets can be captured as either point, polygon or linear features. When plotting automatic measurement of polygon or linear features are captured. Any defect can be displayed on the map, this works really well for linear features where a fence or footpath can cover a large area and it is essential to be able to pin point where the defect is.
Find out more about On-site App and other add-on modules! 


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