New Tree Eco Data options

New Tree Eco Data options

Have you ever wanted to be able to quantify the wider benefits and value provided by your trees? Perhaps when writing a tree strategy, presenting to stakeholders or seeking additional funding. Well now you can within Ezytreev, using your existing data!

We’re constantly developing new features to aid your management of the Urban Forest, and one of this year’s most exciting additions has been the integrated tree Eco Benefits options for Ezytreev Web Interface. There are two aspects to this:

1. A Carbon Storage & Sequestration Calculator that is a free addition for all users of the web interface, which includes a choice of calculation methods. This uses basic tree information already held in your inventory to estimate the amount of Carbon stored in each tree, plus the amount (and monetary value) of CO2 sequestered each year by each tree. This can be integrated into the dashboard and Ezytreev reports in the usual way, making it straightforward to produce figures for a selection of trees, a site/ward etc, or for your whole inventory.

2. Optional integration with the brand new iTree Eco Benefits API, which for each tree instantly returns industry recognised valuation figures based on extensive research, for a range of environmental benefits. The new API has been developed by the Davey Institute (a partner in the iTree Co-operative) and uses the iTree benefits engine to calculate the ecosystem service benefits provided by your trees, including pollution removal and avoidance, Carbon/CO2 sequestration and storage and hydrological interception and avoidance. Trees can be assessed individually by the API  as they become re-inspected, and/or assessed in bulk periodically.

Both options are available now, with the free Carbon calculator currently in the process of being rolled out to all web interface users. The iTree API integration is an add-on Ezytreev feature with an annual fee, and the Davey Institute also charge US$0.02 per tree valuation.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about these options. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you might have.