Key points of all-in-one video conferencing tools

Key points of all-in-one video conferencing tools

All-in-one video conferencing solutions: the technology that adds value to your hybrid collaboration.

Companies all over the world are increasingly using a variety of up-to-the-minute solutions to communicate. Meetings, events, interviews and training or simply general catch-up sessions can now easily be arranged between remote locations and in-person participants. Video conferencing, with its numerous benefits, presents countless opportunities and can provide a strong competitive edge for any business.

Measurable benefits include improved communication, better business relationships, reduced travel expenses and commute time and less impact on the environment.

Below we highlight six key points of cloud-based video conferencing tools and why you should implement them:

Instant hybrid collaboration environment takes employees as close as possible to in-person interactions, while both presenting and co-creating content.

Straightforward to start, schedule, and join meetings for users, touch controllers for one-click easy join, one-click to collaborate or connect from your personal calendar.

Premium video experience with zoom-in abilities achieved by an AI-powered panoramic camera. With the 360° coverage, a speaker can be followed as they move around the room, zoom features dynamically adjusting focus throughout the call. Multi-stream people feed, with individual videos of active speakers, are brought together along with the panoramic view of the room at the same time.

High-definition sound, with the Active Talk Indicator, the current speaker is identified by a chat indicator. Voice assistant ensures everyone is heard with audio pickup from all angles. AI-driven adaptive audio and background noise suppression, minimises echoes & noises.

Streamlined collaboration, features like screen sharing and real-time document editing for a group or team working together. The best online video conferencing apps offer whiteboarding or even direct collaboration features.

Meeting recording & note taking. Not everyone can make every meeting—recordings help bridge that gap. Recording and playback options, for example, training videos can be paused, slowed down, or replayed. This means that participants can quickly go back to the recording and understand it at their own pace. Maintain consistency throughout by recording with automated speech-to-text transcription, with speakers identified by their names, ensuring no time is required to re-type your notes.

Among the many benefits, video conferencing has proven to: 

  • Encourage superior levels of engagement & joint efforts and prevent people from multitasking during their team meetings.  
  • Build trust & aid creativity.
  • Conduct sustainable, environmentally friendly & economically viable meetings.
  • Enable live & virtual events, broadcasting video and meeting content to the audience of a virtual event and more.
  • Enable remote workers & virtual teams to feel connected to their colleagues.

Many solutions available on the market may appear to have similar capabilities and it can be difficult to evaluate all the available options. Here at RA Information Systems, we partner with leading manufactures in the industry to deliver the best hybrid, wireless video conferencing experience in and outside the meeting room. Our experts can help you to understanding and choose the right technology for your needs.

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