What Is Space Management Software?

What is Space Management Software?

Space management software

Commercial Workspace Management Software  / Office Space Management Software / Room and Facility Scheduling Software  


Space management software, also known as work/office space management software or Room and Facility Scheduling was designed to automate the processes involved in managing multifacility premises with multitude of spaces, rules, policies & payment methods, to easily locate and schedule space, visualise customer’s current and historical details and facility resources to get work done.  

Workspace management software is a centralised platform that allows for a more positive on-boarding and day-to-day experience and improved space efficiency and processing capacity.

Workspace management is designed to unlock functionality on major components such as occupancy, contract management, billing, payment and space utilisation with a variety of reporting and analytical functions. 

Space Management Software: Why to implement?

Automated workflows from enquiry to invoice
Optimised industry specific record keeping & secure digital data storage
Improved employee communications & customer experience
Reduced chance of double-bookings & billing errors
Visibility on key business metrics 
Optimised space and facility utilisation

Space Management Software: Key Features


Facility Inventory

Clear understanding of the space you have, how you’re currently using it,  with detailed view and breakdown of all available space including shared calendar views for ad-hoc and temporary space availability across all sites.



Configurable workflows 

Management of your processes, account registration, follow-up steps,  cancellation policy, advance-notice rules. 



Customer pipeline management

Sales pipeline management helps improve efficiency and enables enterprises to on-board new clients, turn leads into sales, track and forecast easier.



Occupancy & contract management  

Contract management for leases and licenses with generation of multiple contract types with stepped deals or rent-free periods, association of services and set-up fees, managing existing contracts and renewals.



Sales financial management

Automated generation of invoices (linked to financial accounting systems) & service billing with the ability to import charges from 3rd parties.



Reporting and analytic tools

Take control of your scheduling process with configurable request forms, approval processes, and more.



Self Service room & visitor bookings

Self-service customer portal for convenient self-service bookings for meeting rooms and common resources, invoice payment and maintenance requests.



Visitor management and touch-less access control

Visitor and appointment management and contactless sign-in for visitors, staff, vendors & contractors.



Meeting room booking management

Room and office booking management and digital signage, door and reception displays linked to the system.



Management of incoming parcels

Take control of your incoming parcels and letters.



Facilities maintenance support

Some software suites encompass facilities management to create work/change logs, repair, or perform another maintenance task.



Customer interaction management

Storing current and former customer records, from contact details to entire sales history, interactions and services provided over time.





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