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Switch to VoIP

Make the switch now and ensure your employees and customers are connected



Protect your business connections

Stay connected, be available to your customers, make it easier for them to reach your employees anytime and anywhere

Support your people

Expand capacity of remote working, make your staff work comfortable with all calls to their work numbers forwarded on remote devices

Sustain your organisation 

Save your resources, decrease  charges common in traditional systems and reduce infrastructure costs

Future proof your communications

Ensure your  connection is optimal and phone system is up and running prior the ISDN switch off planned for 2025


Call plans can be switched at any time

RA Telecom offers three standard packages from basic to comprehensive and can also offer a personalised package for larger organisations 

Entry edition

From £5

per user, per month

  • 10 MB Media Storage
  • Free internal calls
  • Access to Portal
Enterprise edition

From £15

per user, per month

  • Domestic major mobile 1000 minutes included
  • 1 GB Media Storage
  • Free internal calls
  • Access to Portal
  • Multisite Support

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