Participate in customer success stories

Would you like to be featured in a success story? 

Participate in a Case Study

There is nothing more compelling than seeing our user’s success and achievements. This year we want to showcase the good things you, our customers are doing, to show the success you have accomplished in your organisation. We are planning to create case studies, showcasing your success and how we helped you to achieve this. 

The Major Benefits of Business Case Studies

Case study is a win-win project offering a valuable and mutual opportunity to benefit both our companies and help us both to reinforce our key messages and build trust. 

Increasing YOUR brand online exposure and ranking in Google search

Being profiled in a case study has benefits including positive online exposure, reaching new audiences and supporting the overall brand, raising your company profile and  potentially positioning yourselves as a  leader in the industry. It is also a good way to speak of the industry challenges you are facing and how technology can help overcome those challenges.

Broadcasting YOUR latest achievements in terms of technology and efficiency

Taking part in a case study can also benefit local authorities which have achieved positive results, adopted new strategies or simply by highlighting the importance of the work that has been done and the best practices applied in your area.

Showcasing a real-world example of OUR services

Real life examples of our previous successful projects and how our solutions have helped our customers to fulfill their business’s needs with adopting new technology. Real stories will help building social proof, endorsing our brands and serve for both marketing and SEO purposes  in a value-added context. 

Building trust and motivating other organisations now and in the future

Being transparent, helpful and contribute to a better understanding and adoption of new technology by other enterprises which may have similar issues. Giving evidence could especially help during this challenging time. 

The focus

About you

We would like to create win-win stories by allowing you to tell your story demonstrating how your decision to use our specific service or software allowed to deliver dramatic results to your  organisation.

Can we count you in?

If you and your organisation would like to contribute to this project and be a part of a case study, please read what is involved in the process.


Writing, editing and distributing

We will do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing, editing and publishing the stories.  Case studies will be created in the form of a Blog Post. Infographics can be used to portray your results.


What to include in the story

We hope to get customer collaboration and add their point of view, how things were before, including challenges you faced, why you needed to change and what is different now. Often case studies contain supporting quotes, images and other visuals.


Your final approval

We ensure that you will always have the final say and nothing will be published or shared without your approval. You can also agree to only use a success story for a limited amount of time. 


Using your case study

Once it is finalised, we will publish and share our story online (including our website, social media posts , publishing on industry  resources). All the publications will be hosted on our website and contain links back to your website. 


Get Started Today!

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