Training Credits Scheme

With ezytreev being a bespoke package, training is delivered by our implementation team. Training credits are allocated based on the size of the installation and can be used during installation and on-going training. Additional training credits are issued each year with the annual maintenance renewal and they last for 12-months. They can be used for attending training workshops, on-line sessions or on-site visits.

Our customers are also welcome to use our on-line ezyUserGuide & ezyForum with helpful detailed manuals available to download, training notes, video guides, news blog and a community forum.

Data Collection Accreditation

ezytreev also offers a Data collection Accreditation scheme for industry professionals new to the system and wishing to broaden their skills and open up opportunities to work with a broader range of clients.
Everyone trained on our Onsite app will be issued with a certificate of accreditation for the ezytreev Onsite module and added to a register of accredited users.

Whether you are an employer looking to recruit new staff or commission consultant surveyors, or you’re a consultant or individual tendering for contracts or applying for jobs, ezytreev accreditation demonstrates competence in using the software, efficiently capturing data in a consistent way.