Together, Ezytreev & Treeconomics are delivering the i-Tree Eco assessments

Together, Ezytreev & Treeconomics
are delivering the i-Tree Eco assessments across the UK


More and more sites across the UK are now using Ezytreev data for their environmental assessments. Treeconomics works with local authorities to assess their trees, providing them with detailed data, reports and action plans, that focus on the benefits trees provide to communities. To accomplish this, Treeconomics use existing tree inventory data (exported from Ezytreev) and open-source i-Tree Eco software application. i-Tree Eco is a sophisticated computer model which quantifies the structure, composition and environmental benefits of urban trees and then calculates their benefits and value to society. Once a council’s urban forest has been surveyed, i-Tree Eco is able to provide key data about its structure, composition and benefits. Treeconomics turn this data into informative briefings and reports that clearly demonstrate the trees’ replacement value in monetary terms and the ecosystem services these trees provide. Data from the assessment can be used to support a strategic and evidence-based approach in the development of management plans, policy and setting priorities for a town’s trees and green spaces. If you are planning an i-Tree Eco survey and need your Ezytreev data exported, we will be happy to advise and support.

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