Ezytreev: Streamlining tree preservation procedures

Ezytreev: Streamlining tree preservation procedures

Ezytreev is well-known for the management of trees and woodlands, but not everyone knows that it is also used for streamlining tree preservation procedures, allowing local planning and national park authorities to more pro-actively manage their TPOs.

Ezytreev offers various methods of identifying trees for a new TPO, whether you are carrying out a survey, plotting trees while on an enquiry visit, reviewing an old TPO, creating a TPO from a conservation area (s211) notice or are plotting the trees manually from another source. The system also offers feature-rich support for processing tree works applications and conservation area notices.

ezyPortal is our fantastic new product that provides a helpful online resource to the public, fed directly from your TPO data held in Ezytreev. It publishes TPO and application/notification registers, including all relevant documents, and also offers a user-friendly interactive map search tool. So householders, neighbours, solicitors and others can search for property, check the protection status of trees by viewing TPO trees, the Conservation area and any s211 trees on mapping, interrogate individual trees to find the species and type of protection, download the relevant TPO document, view the application history for each tree and download decision notices… all in one place! A sure-fire way to reduce the number of customer contacts you receive!

ezyPortal also offers a dedicated tree works applicant portal where applicants are guided through a simple wizard that populates their application form and a schedule of proposed work for them, and also supports uploading of document attachments and easy generation of sketch plans using Council mapping.

Ezytreev is the only system in the UK supporting comprehensive TPO management functions on-site with functionality for plotting/resurveying, visiting applications, amenity assessment etc all available on your tablet or phone.

Are you interested to know more about TPO management module? 

Click here to find out more about the top features including the online self-service portal and the module’s customisation options. If you would like to discuss any of these areas then please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or further information. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.