E-Sign capabilities have been added to our Clarity Core system

E-Sign capabilities have been added to our Clarity Core system

We have exciting news to share from our development team: secure E-Sign capabilities have been added to our Clarity Core system, making it easier to sign documents, saving both time and money.

All Clarity Core users can now configure their licence agreements to include e-signature fields for specified client/partner signatories. A generated PDF document will be emailed from the system straight to the clients’/partner’s inbox and uploaded to our e-signature provider without the need for pre-registration. Each specified party will be notified in turn via an email with a unique link to securely add their electronic signature to the document. Once a party has submitted their e-signature, the next party will be notified, until all parties have submitted their e-signature. Clarity Core users will be able to check whether a document is still pending signatures from other parties, and once a document has been fully signed, each party will receive an email confirmation with the completed document attached in PDF format.

Thanks to our partnership with electronic signature provider Signable, any document between two (or more) parties can be processed and signed securely from anywhere at any time. Signable is fully compliant with eIDAS and the US eSign Act, ensuring information safety and SSL encryption. All data stored and processed within Signable is hosted in Amazon’s AWS data centre in London.

Clarity Core will charge a set amount per document, which will be automatically applied to your account when used, keeping the administrative process hassle free. Existing Clarity Core user will receive 5 free documents in order to test this amazing new feature.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about this easy signing experience and our flexible pricing structure.