Enterprise-level digital signage opportunities for co-working, shared office and lab space

Enterprise-level digital signage opportunities for co-working, shared office and lab space

digital signage opportunities for co-working

Many event facilities, shared office and lab space providers, have welcomed the opportunities associated with the increasing availability of digital signage. As businesses introduce new ways to operate, digital signage will allow facilities to create a smart and engaging environment and bring products and services closer to their customers. When it comes to implementing an effective enterprise digital signage, organisations will need to decide what is the right solution for them and consider the different ways their business, team and customers will engage with digital signage. Read below to learn more about the key components that can be successfully employed across sites including lobbies, break areas or shared amenities:

Interactive touch screens & software products to create digital touch-points that offer customised, interactive experiences for your staff or customers. Touch screen displays allow customers or team members to interact and engage with content, it enables them to find relevant information, assists employees and visitors with check-in processes and makes it easier to find their way around sites. Interactive touchscreens were a huge step forward and now there are more ways to interact with digital signs that are completely hands-free – with voice user interface. With the right software package, interactive signage can be extremely effective, and here there are just some of the examples:

  • Desk & meeting room booking and signage is a critical component of a well-functioning office, when it is well-integrated with room booking software, digital signage can make it much easier for both employers and visitors to navigate the workplace. Advanced search capabilities allowing users to search for rooms, and desks across multiple floors. Interactive options that allow users to select spaces and book meetings in just a few clicks. Firstly, meeting room digital signs show critical, real-time information, this can include room name or room status to show when they’re booked or in use. Check out our CLARITY SIGNS.
  • Visitor management and sign in with integration of QR codes. By eliminating the need to physically engage with touch-interactive digital signage, QR codes provide added convenience and safety by enabling consumers to browse or interact with content by simply scanning a code using their mobile phones. Another example of how these two technologies work together is to scan a QR code and access information on the mobile device. Check out our CLARITY VISITOR.
  • Collaborative & interactive whiteboard touch display solutions for meeting rooms. If you are looking for ways to boost collaboration your business can consider using presentation and conferencing systems, offering a platform for digital signage content delivery. They could instantly add value to your meeting, conference rooms, and on-site premises. Displays with integrated annotation and mirroring software, optimised for viewing distances both near and far the display allows for a more deeply immersive and engaging video conference experience. The ability to easily switch between using a pen, finger, and palm create for a fluid collaborative environment for users in real-time. Ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms and training sessions, devices can double up as enterprise-grade digital signage players, whenever they’re not in use for meetings.
  • Digital wayfinding signage & directories – wayfinding digital signage is a modern and effective way to help anyone navigate your space.

Large single information hub digital signage displays are handy in reception areas, where they can be specifically helpful in welcoming and directing visitors. This type of centralised signage can be used for many purposes from publishing everything from imagery and web pages to sharing company news and events, showcasing services and amenities, displaying branded welcome messages, upcoming events, health and safety guidance, live feeds, breaking news and emergency or public service announcements. Check out our CLARITY SIGNS reception screens.

  • High-definition video walls: Video walls consist of hardware and software that allow multiple commercial displays to be tiled together. Displays can be adjoining, overlapped, or even positioned to form one large screen or image. One of the fastest-growing subsegments of A/V displays for corporate use. Video Wall Large, 4K video walls are used to display dynamic, high-definition videos, graphics and animated content.
  • Outdoor digital signage – statement signage to help draw attention, display upcoming events, parking availability and more.

There are countless benefits from the use of digital signage, starting from technology scalability, efficiency, and flexibility, optimisation of your workforce’s day-to-day experience, reducing staffing costs, improving guest experience by providing unique access to information, to more specific benefits that have the potential to increase up-selling as well as increasing your revenue and profit by selling space on your signage for sponsors to advertise their services & events across all offices and branches in several locations.

Whether you’re trying to connect with customers or the general public, we can help you find the perfect way to express yourself from interactive touch screens to mounts and cables, media players, video equipment and content creation software. If you haven’t already invested in digital signage, now can be the time – the possibilities are endless.