CLARITY CORE: Exciting Developments 2023

CLARITY CORE: Exciting Developments 2023

Here within the CLARITY CORE team at RA Information Systems, we are ever evolving our software’s offerings, adding new initiatives and efficiencies, modules and features, and are proud to keep enhancing our products and services to compliment the ever-changing world of technology in the workplace.

Visitor self-registration & instant badge printing

We are excited to bring new feature to our Clarity Visitor award winning system. Along with existing abilities to handle automatic check-in for pre-registered visits, Clarity Visitor now offers visitors the option to manually self-register their visit on arrival at site. Our Clarity Visitor screen will guide any unexpected visitors through completing their details and for the purpose of their visit. These new additions bring extra value and security benefits and we’ve integrated this also with visitor label and pass printing to provide a really simple process. Using compatible printers, visit passes and labels can be printed quickly and on-demand, from reception or a security staff station, or even be pre-printed for the pre-registered visitors.

External bookings and payment portal

Are you keen to offer your bookable space to a wider audience? CLARITY CORE has extended its Customer Portal by introducing a new online booking facility to engage with those external prospects and opportunities! Our portal allows your real-time room availability to be displayed, and through connection to your CLARITY CORE system, provide your rates and complementary services, making it easy for anyone to search, book and pay for your space.

CLARITY CORE Web development

With our planned projects to take our much-loved familiar classic desktop application to a more web-based solution, we’ll be presenting our web development in phased releases, with the following upcoming introductions:

Phase 1: Data driven dashboard

Visualise your KPIs in a meaningful, easy to digest format that feeds real-time key data from your CLARITY CORE system. Phase 1 of our web development will see our Core module extended with the addition of a new online dashboard, allowing your teams to keep check of your key metrics across a number of critical areas for your buildings. Report on trends at any time, perfect for planning, strategy or presenting to stakeholders, our data driven dashboard will provide you with a powerful tool, accessing vital information from one easy to navigate screen.

Phase 2: Prospects & sales pipeline

We’ll be taking our Clarity Prospects module to the web and providing powerful visual tools to streamline the onboarding of your prospects in to clients. With drag and drop features and improved accessibility for your Sales and Admin teams, you’ll be managing your CRM and seeing your sales data in a more simplified format.

Further development coming soon:

  • Car Parking Management with QR codes support
  • Access Control Integration including Meeting Room release

View or download our leaflet that provides a roundup of our recent additions. Click the leaflet to begin your exploration.