IBCS brand name change

IBCS brand name change announcement

We would like to announce that our IBCS software brand name will be changing to CLARITY CORE.
Since inception our company has offered its workspace management software solution to the market under two distinct brand names, each targeting a specific market segment: IBCS for the business centre industry and CLARITY CORE for the innovation and science park sector. The drive for our client’s business success has enabled our software to evolve in both segments; however, we have realised that our two brands have started creating a certain level of confusion due to their similarities in functional benefits. After serious consideration, we have decided to reassess our brand structure and revise our branding in order to reflect the company’s plans to expand further from a niche solution to a powerful brand, benefiting both the company and our customers.

We have taken the decision to propose that our IBCS software solution be known under the CLARITY CORE brand name. We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty, we wouldn’t have come this far without your support. We will continue to grow and evolve our software offerings, under the new banner of CLARITY CORE. We will make sure our service and support remain unaffected by these changes and that nothing will change our existing client’s day to day operations.

The use of the IBCS name will be phased out in the course of the year, giving current customers time to gradually learn to recognise the new visual brand elements. We will make changeover as simple and easy as possible.


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Contact details
: Zhanna Troshina
Sales and Marketing Executive