Access to Lichfield’s TPOs just got easier!

Access to Lichfield’s TPOs just got easier!

Working with the Ezytreev team, Lichfield District Council in the West Midlands has recently introduced a brand-new IT system, improving accessibility to protected tree data like never before! Individuals can now easily check the status of tree protection, review Tree Preservation Orders issued by the Council, and explore the boundaries of their beautiful Conservation Areas.

This impressive accomplishment was made possible through the digitisation of the Council’s existing Tree Preservation Order records, in close partnership with the dedicated Ezytreev team, with whom they developed the Council’s user-friendly Protected Tree Portal.

What can you expect from this intuitive portal? It serves as a comprehensive hub for discovering all the Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas administered by the Council. It even highlights trees that are subject to current Conservation Area notices. With information sourced directly from Ezytreev, the portal publishes the Council’s TPO and application/notification registers, providing easy access to critical details.

The interactive map search tool is a game-changer! It allows you to identify properties within the District and promptly identifies any Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas affecting them. With just a few clicks, you’ll gain valuable insights into the tree-related aspects of any location in the Lichfield area.

Applying for tree works? ezyPortal offers a dedicated resource designed to streamline your application process. A simple step-by-step guide assists you in completing your application form, scheduling proposed work, and even generates a convenient sketch plan.

But that’s not all! You can now download TPO documents as PDFs free of charge from clicking on a tree on the map, or from a list of TPOs!

Ready to explore ezyPortal for yourself? Simply follow this link.

Find more information here.

We’re thrilled to see how this new system is engaging the public, tree owners and anyone concerned with tree preservation, with easier access to valuable tree information and the efficiencies this is bringing for the Council and the public!