Landscape, grounds & green space asset management

Is optimising management of your outdoor areas and resources one of your challenges? Ezytreev is our fully comprehensive solution designed to effectively manage any landscape resources from comprehensive field inspection and hazard risk identification, through the entire work cycle with analysis, field execution, budgeting, processing enquiries and reporting. 


Cloud Based

The system is Cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces.

Integrated with GIS mapping

Works with all major GIS mapping formats including Web and open source mapping.


Fully customisable throughout all modules, Ezytreev allows users to tailor the data format by setting-up customisable data fields and generate customisable reports.

SmartSync system

On-site data collection app provides the reassurance that work is never suspended, anyone working in the field has full access to all trees, assets and mapping at all times.

The latest technology, advanced data capture and analysis 


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Create an accurate inventory with visibility on mapping 

Using Ezytreev on-site app for capturing
critical data you will build an accurate  inventory of all individual components as 
well as the facilities they are part of. 

Assess current conditions & maintenance requirements 

From assessing all aspects that compromise safety and integrity to strategically  scheduling follow-up tasks during all operational work, including emergency and unplanned activities.

Schedule works based on the priorities

Most of your vegetation and assets will require maintenance or removal over time. The system will support your works management and recording of the carried out works and resource allocation. 

Estimate costs and operating budgets

Real-time data on spending decisions for routine operations and maintenance or capital expenditures for new assets and upgrades. 


Designed to be incorporated into a wide range of management scenarios, the major application areas include:

Plants & greenery

Plants,  lawn areas, borders and elements of biophilic design

Landscape features

Open-space paths, bridges, fountains, steps and pavement segments 

Structures & amenities

Fences, benches, street furniture, signage and lighting, parking, play and sport equipment


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