Response to COVID-19

We are open for business    

Our response
to Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak 

Dear Customers,
Like many of you, we are following the news around the Coronavirus outbreak. As a supplier of critical IT services, communications infrastructure and software solutions to many organisations we want to keep our partners aware that we are fully operational, offering our normal remote support and assistance. Alongside consistent delivery of service we ensure the ongoing protection of our workforce, which is fully equipped with the technology to work from home and provide IT support service to the same standard as when delivered from the office.
We will continue to help all our customers to navigate the challenges presented by these unprecedented times. Please contact us if our services may be of use to your business in the forthcoming weeks and months.


Covid-19 safety measures in our premises

We have put in place a set of measures to minimise the risks associated with COVID-19 by keeping social distancing, high hygiene standards and wearing masks when appropriate.


Visitor management and
touchless access control

We are excited to announce a significant update to our CLARITY CORE suite with new and exciting functionalities made to our CLARITY VISITOR module. The newly enhanced module simplifies your visitor management and provides a touch-free access solution, with visit recording, greeting and tracking of not just visitors but also staff, vendors and contractors within multi-use premises. Our new enhancements include visit pre-registration, authorisation and QR code generation, all designed to assist with track and trace, and now provide a touch-free solution to help alleviate Covid-19 implications. Our Visitor system is fully customisable and may be purchased independently or as a CLARITY CORE add-on module.
This is an amazing innovative development for our company and we hope you will be as excited about it as we are.



Why not boost your broadband speed?

With the pandemic outbreak forcing normal office teams to work more remotely and more goods now being sold online, business has become much more reliant upon a reliable internet service. In order to support your increase in internet demand – why not boost your broadband speed!
• Instant access to the fibre-rich connectivity,
• Reliable high-speed solutions including leased lines with the speed up to 10Gbps,
• Business-grade Wi-Fi solutions with secure data access for both your employees and clients



Remote working: Security and threat protection 

Today’s digital world is incredibly exciting with technology opening up numerous opportunities for business. With more remote working, security monitoring and threat protection has become much more complex for an organization’s own IT department to manage. Could it be the right time to take reasonable measures to minimise all the risks? We are here to help and protect your data and reputation.



Bespoke Online training

The world of work is being profoundly affected by the global pandemic. One of the things that organisations might consider is to use this disruption productively and engage in their employee’s workplace skill development. With this in mind, we would like to remind our users of our online software training.
We can quickly transfer the majority of our face-to-face learning events into a bespoke online/virtual classroom environment to share ideas and best practices, available in all shapes and sizes to meet your organisation unique objectives and budget.
Refresh your employee’s existing knowledge, introduce new users to the system and keep your staff motivated. Get in touch if our online training may be of use in the forthcoming weeks.


Online software demos during social distancing

We are fully operative and able to provide online software demonstrations. You can attend from the comfort of your home; all you need is a web browser. We will do the rest, we will set up a demo using screen sharing tools, show and explain the system, its features to give you the maximum understanding of how our systems can benefit you. 
Do you have questions, comments, or ideas? We will be happy to discuss it in more details. Please contact us to arrange any online demo.


Digital connection
for remote/home working

We are currently assisting our clients in embracing digital connection and arranging communications required for remote/home working. We are available to discuss the options compatible with your current setup and could provide you with a unified collaboration platform which combines voice, video and instant messaging. Contact us to find out more.