IT solutions for public sector

Maximising your team’s efficiency 

IT Solutions for public sector

A comprehensive end-to-end set of services tailored to the specific requirements of local authorities such as county, district, city or borough councils and housing associations

• Specialised Tree, TPO and Asset management system
• Shared and meeting space booking and signage
• Fully managed IT services and on-going support
• Connectivity Solutions and VoIP telephony

Let us ensure your team is up-to-date with technology and outdoor areas are safe and looked after

Tree and Asset management system

Tree, TPO and Asset management system

A fully-comprehensive system, essential for efficient data collection, inventory analysis and maintenance of trees and outdoor assets. The system is Cloud-based and accessible from web and conventional interfaces on desktop and mobile. Fully customisable throughout all modules, including tree, TPO and asset surveys, risk and amenity value calculations, works order scheduling, budgeting, contractor management, processing enquiries. Unlimited user-definable report templates for analysis.  Integration with corporate CRM/financial systems.

Major application areas:

Trees & greenery
Tree preservation orders
 Landscape and grounds maintenance
 Street furniture and lighting
 Outdoor asset management
 Play/sport equipment & facilities
 Parks & woodlands
 Coastal areas


Digital booking and signage

Initially designed for premises with shared space, CLARITY SIGNS is rapidly expanding into public sector allowing users an immediate booking of share-space amenities including meeting space and other facilities.



Fully managed IT services and on-going  support

Encompassing everything from full or partially outsourced IT support packages, cloud computing to regulatory compliance and data security, tailored to the size and nature of your organisation.
• Design and implementation of all the IT infrastructure including server maintenance, application support, device monitoring and data backup services;
• Transition from on premise legacy server infrastructure to cloud-based e-mail, document storage and identity management:
• Data security, incident management, business continuity & disaster recovery.


Connectivity solutions

Reliable high-speed connectivity solutions including leased lines with the speed up to 10Gbps. Private site-to-site or direct connections into cloud service providers’ networks. Delivery of Shared Internet including Wi-Fi distribution throughout the premises in the most reliable and cost-effective way, secure data access for your staff and visitors.


VoIP Phone Systems

Flexible, practical and secure Voice over IP is the ideal solution for public sector, allowing you to achieve higher control of the service, lower infrastructure and call costs and improve communication.



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