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Tree Data Inventory & Analysis

Tree Data Inventory and Analysis module (ezyTDI) comprises a complete tree inventory and history of the tree stock including digital photos and documents associated with each tree. ezyTDI offers fully user definable tree data analysis and reporting with automatically generated maps.
All history of inspections is stored in the individual feature on the desktop. When a user log into the system a dashboard display shows all the outstanding works allowing reviewing of the inspections based on the work priority. 
The module is equipped with an extensive search and select facility, allowing the user to search on any attribute assigned to the tree, as well as location, site type, owner, inspection due date etc.

This ezytreev module allows for user definable risk calculations to be recorded and managed. This can be through user definable codes or scoring, or through a standardised risk system such as QTRA or THREATS. Amenity valuation such as CAVAT or other methods can be included in the ezyTDI module.

If required, all data can be seamlessly exported to Excel with the click of a button.

The module operates as stand-alone, required for tree management. 

Module Features

Tree inventory by location/site and history of the stock

Form a transparent system of tree management, record your tree stocks from species, ages, conditions through to previous works with mapping and photos assigned to each tree. 

History of the inspections

Ensure all systematic surveys of your trees are recorded accurately in accordance with the industry standards and best practice.

User definable data analysis & reporting

Setup customisable data fields and generate customisable reports with inclusion of the maps; generate several forms of data outputs (maps, graphs and tables). 

User definable risk calculations

Be confident in the safety of your trees, conduct your tree  failure risk assessments to prevent any consequential damage to people and property.

Amenity valuation methods such as CAVAT or others 

Determine the amenity value of trees and/or the total value of the tree stock in terms of the cost of equivalent replacement in case of damage. 

Extensive search and select facility, data export

Searching and export is a simple and straightforward process. 

Web interface is available for this module.

Ezytreev Web is available for cloud hosted systems that use SmartSync for data collection (read more about cloud hosted platform).

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