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“The digital meeting room signage solution from CLARITY looks great in our new incubator, and fits well within a state-of-the-art facility working with cutting-edge and deep science businesses.”

Graham Hewson, Imperial Innovations

“We use both the CLARITY management system and the ra telephony service.  Both services are excellent for running an Innovation Centre!  The helpdesk for both services is efficient and professional.  We would certainly recommend the product and service.”

Miranda Edwards, St. John’s Innovation Centre

“CLARITY enables us to effectively manage our growing number of centres from managing our prospects through to providing management data and ensuring we are on top of our building maintenance. The ra team are all a pleasure to deal with and the support team are quick and responsive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. ”

Caroline Hyde, Allia Ltd

“The number of tenants in our incubator is growing rapidly so having an effective, cloud-based management system has been imperative.  The integrated nature of the CLARITY modules has meant that we are able to quickly progress clients and tie the details in with our accounting system.  The CLARITY team are keen to listen to feedback and implement upgrades or new methods, meaning that it continues to evolve and improve.  I recommend CLARITY to any company looking to streamline their business systems and simplify communications.”

Miranda Knaggs, Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

“We have used CLARITY to manage the Science Park’s leases, licences and meeting room bookings, the flexibility and easy use have continued to make ra’s CLARITY the ideal solution for us.”

Tom Beasley, Bristol & Bath Science Park

Ra one

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