Safe return to work

Planning a safe return to work?

CLARITY CORE can help your organisation to safely manage your essential visitors, incoming parcels and shared workspace booking. Our solutions integrated with digital displays will enhance your efficiency minimising face-to-face interactions between employees, customers and suppliers. 

Solutions integrated with digital displays

Workspace management


Integrated with touch-screen digital display to control and safely manage essential visitor access at entry and exit points. From pre-registration and self-sign-in to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and checking out. 


Parcel Mobile App for an enterprise-wide management of incoming parcels. From label scanning to automated notification of the owners and collection recording finalised with digital signature capture in delivery rooms. 


Integrated with touch–screen digital displays to communicate your  workspace availability and simplify the booking process. The displays can be installed at meeting room doors or in reception and transit areas.

Please note: thorough cleaning of the touch-screens is critically important!

We recommend you to incorporate best cleaning and hygiene practices to ensure all surfaces of your high-touch electronic devices are frequently and thoroughly sanitised to reduce the risk of spreading infection. Check the government guidance.

Read our practical tips for a safe return to work.

Workspace management

Touchless solutions


The Customer Portal is designed for online self-service features including booking and checking availability, loging visits and service requests, accessing shared electronic documents and communicating. 

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